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Since a final map has been created, I'm updating my original post to show this new map


All 100 XP Bonus boards are marked in GREEN

All 50 Fast Travel boards are marked in PINK

All 10 Barn Finds are marked in Yellow



The map says 99/100 for the XP Boards, but they are all on this map.


Thanks everyone for helping find all these Reward Boards

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Complete Treasure Map
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1st pic, there is a pink board on the far left bottom side. Half way up the road slightly diagonal(up and to the left) from the speed camera in the small clearing to the right of the road.


1st pic, from the H(in Horizon), go left and it's just below the left side of oval clearing, almost in between the oval clearing and the one below it. Blue xp board.


1st pic, Just below the S(in festival), it sits right at the bottom of the tree line on the map. Blue xp board.


1st pic, from the speed camera, directly to the right. If you zoom the map in, the camera logo(bottom right of it) almost touches the blue xp board logo.


1st pic, from the last xp board I mentioned, go to the xp logo that is diagonally up and the right. There is another xp board halfway in between these two. It is not on a straight line in between them, it is lower slightly than a straight line would be, if that makes sense lol.


1st pic, directly below your marker that is on the road, there is a clearing. On the left side of the clearing mid way in the trees there is another xp board.


3rd pic, follow the dirt road in the upper right corner, there is another pink board a little further, it's in the black area.


3rd pic also, If you go from the race icon, it's almost directly to the right in between the two roads just to the right. Blue xp board.


Final xp board, 3rd pic. From the bottom pink board, go diagonal up and to the right towards the highlighted dirt road. It's close to the road from the map view(close to the road near the dirt road but also down a little bit). Better description: If you follow the road from south to north, there will be a house on the right side just before the mentioned dirt road. There is a brick wall also. Follow the brick wall until you see a small lets say structure built into the wall. Directly to the left of this structure is a grass road. Keep driving a couple feet and you will see another grass road right after the other one on the left. Right before a huge tree and the xp board is on this grass road and you should see it right away.


That should be all signs for the demo.

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I updated the pictures above to show ALL 29 Reward Board locations from the Demo.


In the 3rd picture I added a grid system that I'll use for future updates so the community can help direct each other to the future Reward Boards.http://i1292.photobucket.com/albums/b565/shrocky2/hz3_zpsc2402286.jpg

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  • 2 weeks later...

I've once again added more pictures of Reward Board Locations. There are a total of 150 Reward boards. (50 Fast Travel Boards and 100 XP Bonus Boards)


I've named each of the new pictures and added a grid system to them. If any body finds new boards they can use this information to let us know. I'll try to keep updating these pictures every few days with the new finds.

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Excellent job man, really helpful. I was tired of finding credit maps for the 360 version.


I have a few that I can help add, I'll get on that when I'm home from work.


I don't know if you're redoing the pictures, but would it be possible to get ones without the hubs/races/stuff visible, its a lot of clutter.


Thanks again!

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Thanx shrocky, haven't been searching yet, just enjoying it so far lol. I wiil check what I have though against yours


Edit. 1st new pic, T6 square there is a xp board. If your traveling the dirt road from S6 to T6 just keep going straight eventhough the road ends. It's in a couple trees.


Pic FH8, not sure if it's there because the landmark logo is too big lol. It's basically where the line between square 7 and 8 meets the line between squares H and I.


FH8, there are two boards at square 4N. One is underground and the other requires a slow speed jump around some broken walls.


FH8, two more boards in 11Q.


There is an XP board under the two "NN"s in San Giovanni.

FH9, E10, you can take a unmapped dirt road from the Main Street just below this


That's it for me. I'll double check tomorrow.

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I have this site with a guide for the One Version. There are 149 Boards so only 1 is missing in this guide at the time.


Forza Horizon 2 - Gamerscore Guide


Very heful, thanx man!!

Link to the pic(if it works lol), http://www.xboxdome.de/uploads/articles/gamerscore_guides/forza-horizon-2-map-bonustafeln-reward-board-scheunenfunde-barn-finds-by-xboxdomeDE.jpg

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These are nice, thanks for posting them for others. I'll definitely need to use it. But I do have one question. Is there a way to see which fast travel boards i've smashed? When I look at just the boards i've smashed it just shows me the xp ones. Which will make using the picture with the full list pretty tedious. I would have to go over a lot of the locations just to find out I already smashed that one.

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These are nice, thanks for posting them for others. I'll definitely need to use it. But I do have one question. Is there a way to see which fast travel boards i've smashed?

Buy a better TV; in game ALL boards are listed in the Map but some are marked with a lightning-bolt, others with XP, but all in a darn shady grey. There is no seperate option to view this or that Board in game.


Discover but unsmashed boards are marked Yellow/Green, smashed boards are marked Grey.

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