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some Irish guys

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I didn't really know much about the game, but I received a promo copy today and I'm actually thoroughly enjoying it. It's not the easiest game in the world, but it definitely shows off what the Kinect can do in terms of motion tracking. If anyone has questions about it I'll do my best to answer them.

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I find it fairly enjoyable. The movements you have to do are more obvious because they're symbols that fly by the screen instead of being tied to a person like in Just Dance. It's definitely more frustrating at higher difficulties, but that's true for any game. I also feel like the Kinect is picking up my movements much more accurately than other games.



My only complaint is that you can't skip cutscenes for the story mode. As far as that goes, I'm really just nitpicking though

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Have to say being the 'big gruff guy that only plays killin' games" I'm really enjoying this :D It has a simple, but charming little story line and it has a really diverse and enjoyable soundtrack to compose to. I'm actually throwing around the idea of getting a composer's wand for when I play this game. The mental image helps me perform better, so maybe having physical objects will help even more. I'm really kicking myself in the ass on Achievement completion, though, because I never get good enough at these games to get 100% and I'm sure this one won't be an exception. Still, the Kinect is responsive 99% of the time (every once in a while it stops tracking my hand and I have trouble getting the swipe hold cues) and it's a great arm workout. I should be ripped just playing this game. Shame it can't do abs too. Guess I'll stick with Dance Central for that.

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