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Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate (CHN)

Challenge discussion


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It's hard to find some good discussion on the boards about these. So I have to questions, and hopefully the hardcore here can help..


  1. What is the best way to get the 1000 combo? I can't get close without failing or running out of guys to hit.
  2. For the challenges that say win ### times in a row, does that mean win with that many matches or win the entire thing that many times in a row? I have to believe it means get to round 100 not win 100 times.


I haven't been into these games for years and getting back into this there are so many systems that are new to me it's a bit overwhelming.

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Normally I don't pay any attention to my combo number, but last night I was. I wasn't getting any higher than 500ish. I'm using Sima Zhao who is level 100 and I've promoted 5 times already. I stuck with him because he was starting character and was fast. I need to move on to others anyways so I'll give Ayane a try.

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So upset right now. I broke one million KOs just before the challenge that requires it, thinking it would be retroactive, but its not. I genuinely have to beat another million for this one. Back to work...


Also, to anyone heaving trouble with combo challenges, use Xu Shu's R1 on a crowd. Even a Level 1 can pull off the 6k combo challenge.

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Not really. If we're talking efficiency, Xu Shu's RB with Bombast is the best way to go. Frenzy, Brilliance, and anything with Slay in the name is recommended to speed up the KOs.


Personally, I've just been leveling up assorted people while going for the million just to take my mind off how bad of a grind it's going to be.

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Sorry about the double-post, but the board's dead enough to where I don't think people are going to care. Besides, time is a factor here.


Got the one million KO challenge and I've had time to try some things and different characters and whatnot...


First off, if you have a few bucks to blow, get the Stage Pack 6 DLC. There's a stage called Speed is of the Essence. It's pretty much nothing but beating down mooks for 15 minutes. Even with characters I wasn't great with, I usually got a minimum of 6-7k KOs per run. With better characters, 8-9k per trip.


Speaking of characters, Xu Shu isn't the best way to go. His RB special is great, but it holds enemies in place for too long, delaying the spawning of more enemies. Characters that constantly move while attacking seem to be the best choices, with Hundun and Kyubi being great candidates.


Characters with projectiles that pierce groups of enemies work well too, like Xiahou Yuan's C6 attack, or Huang Zhong and Zhurong's EX attacks. Wang Yuanji's EX attack works well too, but you have to be surrounded to get the best results, and if you forget to air-dash immediately after the attack, you leave yourself wide open.


And finally, no, the rewards really aren't worth it. 250,000 Growth Points, 100,000 Gems, 10 Crystals, and 5 Upgrade Stones per character. Not worth the grind. It's really just a bragging rights reward.

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