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Am I really good at this game or is KI1 just stupid hard.

Teh Paralyzer

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I still don't know if I can 1k this game but it seems my odds are better here than KI1


KI2 is super easy to 1k. I as well had never played KI2 ever and all I have left is the 400 credits (need 200 more).


KI1 on the other hand was ridiculous and took me a long time to get good enough, and find enough exploits, to 1k.

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I guess i'll go for the rest of the 1k then go back to KI1. I can't have 2 and 2013 done and not 1


Yup, I thought I would never be able to finish KI1, especially the thrifty achievement and beating eyedol with everyone. Definitely use eyedol and you can fly through the ladder just using the club swing. Once you get to eyedol you press start on second controller and switch character to the one you need to get the achievement with.


Each character has some kind of exploit you can use to beat eyedol, most are listed in the guide on the KI1 forums, if you need help send me a message, I know how hard that game can be so I don't mind helping out.

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Haha I made a youtube video of one exploit I found by mistake



[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ccGmBw7h65s]Killer Instinct (1994) - Classic Xbox One - How to defeat Eyedol with Combo (Apparently) - YouTube[/ame]





Another exploit I found on youtube by sheer luck. I had no idea if you mash X with Glacius his arms extend too far and pound eyedol :p

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I have an actual KI2 arcade machine and I used to have the PCB for KI1 to swap out and play..


The original KI2 hardware is much harder than the XB1 port, similarly the original KI1 hardware is much easier than the XB1 port. I used to play both arcade boards on the "normal" default difficulty level and could beat both games on 2 or 3 credits like this. However the KI1 port was stupid hard even on very easy difficulty and I had trouble beating the game unless I used cheap tactics to exploit the AI. The KI2 port I can beat one credit without breaking a sweat the AI is much less responsive than the original arcade hardware.

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