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The "Looking for Unite Team Members" Thread


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I am Looking for 3 Dutch teammates that want to join my pre-order team.




I want to Unlock everything


Europe players also welcome. (if you have a code)

It would be nice if you were 20 years old or around that.


If you have a Code and want to join me send me a Message on Xbox live

My gamertag is: DaLegendaryEzio

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I have a team named LKU (Legendary Killer Unit)


I am Looking for 3 more members you MUST have a PRE-ORDER code


Here is were you can join http://www.assassinscreed.com/unite and look for LKU

You can also leave a message here and i will contact you


Everyone that has a Pre-order code may join.

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Well, I know it's a bit late.

But I was looking for someone for my team.

I only discovered today that the program only apply to EU and AUS.

So my friends in US and HK cannot join.

But I would appreciate it if I can get all the rewards.

My team currently only have me in it.

And I already used my code on the team.




My team name was LeAMAS.

I currently still have all 3 vacancies.

Any English speaking gamers are welcome.

Preferably 25+.

Even better if you speak Cantonese or Mandarin.

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