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Stuck on a boss/area? I'll help!


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Hello there, everyone. Dark Souls is a game that I've enjoyed quite a tremendous amount, and as such have finished every achievement in the game after about three weeks. If any of you are stuck at a particular point in the game simply message me on here, or Xbox, for assistance. :]


Note: You must be a human in order to summon another phantom, and to have not defeated the boss of the particular area.


Gamertag: Hochberg

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Gravelord Nito? Are you having trouble due to the skeletons? I don't think they should revive if you kill them, but if they do make sure you have a divine weapon so that they'll permanently die. Other than that, you can simply 'tank' him through using heavy arm and weaponry. Stick to the right side of him and you'll encounter the least resistance and damage as his extended sword jab only goes to the left. If you need any more help I'll gladly join your game, as the extra health he gains won't make any real difference with two people hacking and slashing at him.

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I'm on NG +3 and I'm stuck at the 4 Kings. I've tried for hours and can't beat them. My gametag is


Salty Grave


just message me on here or send me a friend request. I would really appreciate the help haha. All I have to do is beat them and then join the darkwraiths and I'll have all the achievements

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need help on the last boss (Gwyn)


can not for the life of me do the dam thing


any advice or someone to jump in with me would be great


gamertag: Axalmead



Parrying is the best way to beat Gwyn, I practiced on the darkwraiths in New Londo. I also us some armor with high fire resistance(giant armor works well) and black knight shield.


What is your soul level btw? I have a 2nd save at sl 70 that I use to help others on their first playthrough.


GT: Masterninja33

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