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Looking for someone who has the riot zombie map unlocked and can hook me up and maybe some others who need it please.


I am about all day today and tomorrow.




I have just unlocked riot.


I will be online from 7.30 to 9pm for anyone who needs to do the riot zombie level 10 on Xbox one. Once achievement pops I will be quitting and restarting for anyone else who needs it.

Send me message now and I will be on around 7.30p to sort.


The whinger

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Looking to finish up all of the zombie achievements I need game over and acquire the suit without spending money and using the 3d printer. Ive made it to round 50 or so high on leaderboard so I do know how to play looking for skilled players and someone who knows how to do the Easter egg. Don't mind if you glitch just want the achievements


GT - That505guy


Xbox one


Will be on and ready in 2 hours message me on live

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