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Ouch. That is a shame, as the game reviewed well and is pretty great. I'm not one for Kinect games normally but this one has really sold itself to me and I enjoy playing it.


I'm still trying to grind out the last few objectives to get it done, and then once I've done that it will probably rarely get touched again - mainly because I have so much else to play and the new DLC seems super pricey.

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that's a huge shame, cause i did buy it, and it's easily the best Kinect game i've played, i've been on the fence with the kinect 2.0 since the X1 came out, but thisd game is very intuitive and responsive... more so then i expected... if more games used the kinect as effectively as this game it would be the hot new tech item it claims to be instead of the bane of MS's existence.


Still, they need to release a DLC pack with Disney music pack with songs like Hakuna Matata, A whole new World, Be Our guest, and maybe some of the tunes from fantasia 2000...

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