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Atari: Game Over App


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Anybody check this out yet? I'm looking at the achievements for it now, over at TA. There are only two achievements, and they're for viewing bonus material?


Edit: Incredibly easy completion, load up the app and when the film starts press A to bring up the timeline. Use the D-pad to select the bonus materials, there's 8 total (smartglass info thingy doesn't count). Press A to select a bonus material then fast forward through that with RT. Do this for all 8 videos, the flag icon will be replaced with a check once you've finished watching them. Once you've got all 8 checkmarks then you'll get the last achievement.


If the achievement doesn't unlock for you after fast-forwarding through all 8 of the bonus materials, then select the sixth bonus material and watch the entire thing (shortest one, only takes 28 seconds). After that your achievement should pop. Don't need to watch the entire movie if you don't want to, I think.


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rIaWAyHIqok]Atari: Game Over Trailer - YouTube[/ame]

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