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The perfect port

Lorde Varuna

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Code Mystics did a great job porting this game to Xbox One and adding an online mode for it.


I always loved KI2 and I couldn't be happier with this perfect port.


Everyone who liked KI2 back in the day, should get KI Season 2 Ultra Edition and play KI2 Classic!


As someone who owns an actual KI2 arcade machine I can tell you it is NOT a perfect port. the game plays slightly faster than the real arcade machine. also FMV sequences like those in the opening animations are way too fast and have audio sync issues there is also the occasional glitch that occurs with audio and video stuttering and getting out of sync after selecting your character and before entering a fight.


MAME and the U64 emulators have these same problems so it's likely that Code Mystics borrowed from MAME (which is open source so, it wouldn't be surprising) however the game speed is fixed in the GroovyMAME emulator which leads me to believe at least the game-play speed issue is a problem with mapping the original game's frame rate to that of a 60Hz display.


Even still, it's a pretty good port and nice that we finally get a proper home version of the arcade game after all these years.

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