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"Mysteries of a Mourning Blood Flow" Achievement Help!


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In the DLC there is an achievement for beating all bosses with both Saki and Aya using the A+X prompt.




Whenever I play through the game with either of them, I never get the final A+X prompt. I get the first two each time on every boss, but then it just lets me kill the boss normally using regular attacks.


Am I doing something wrong here? Is there a certain way to get that 3rd and final prompt? Or is it just a case of getting the two prompts with each boss and that will do?


Any help on this matter would be deeply appreciated! Thank you!

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Okay so I just ended up going through the story mode on Casual once with Aya and once with Saki (got a bit impatient waiting for someone to clarify :p)


It turns out you only need to perform the prompts when they appear (twice throughout a boss' life bar - no third and final prompt required.) Also some bosses don't give you ANY prompts, such as the giant snake. As long as you perform the A+X prompt as it appears the achievement should pop on the final boss' second form.

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