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Need Immediate Help


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TL;DR version: I need help for this game's online achievements REALLY badly and can't find a group.


Original version:


Hi all. I know there may be a of these on the forums. I'm sorry if that's the case.


I desperately need help with this game. I have finished the campaign on Insane co-op, and am going for a 90% completion rate for this game (as in 90% of the gamerscore, which which would be 1125 total gamerscore for this game). I have already decided to skip Seriously, but there are still many other online achievements I need to reach 90% or 1125 GS.


The main reason this is so desperate is that I'm trying to finish up a very long list of games so that I can get to the Xbox One. I have OCD (not self-diagnosed), and have to do things in a certain order. For example, playing Assassin's Creed IV before/without Assassin's Creed II would drive me nuts.


The problem is, I can't find a group for this game. Also, despite being good enough for Insane, I'm not even close to good enough to do the online achievements in a reasonable amount of time. I'm looking for help in Gears 1 thru 3, as well as Judgment. ANY help would be appreciated, as I am getting desperate to finish this list off.

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Please use this thread for Gears of War:



For the other games, please use the Official Boosting Threads that are sticked at the top of each game forum.


Also, please do not spam the same thread several times. I had to delete the other threads that you made.

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