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Hidden Bandanna Skull Effect?

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Ok, I'm starting to think the Bandanna Skull has some hidden downside. There has been a time now in both Halo CE and Halo 2 that I have encountered infinite spawning enemies.


A week or two ago, I was using the Bandanna Skull as a crutch to complete the H2 Legendary campaign. I got to the part on Metropolis with a half dozen sniper Jackals. Every one I killed always returned. Curious, I watched the same position for minutes, killing every Jackal that run up. They didn't ever stop.


Yesterday, I was running through Keyes Legendary to go for the Elite killing chievo; also with Bandanna. On the part with the 3 Elites and the Shade turret, I killed the 3, but was shocked to find them re-appear after I rounded the corner. Then, in the very final room, I killed the 2 Spec-Ops Elites that bring the Banshees like normal, and then things got weird. Grunts spawned later, and I killed just the Fuel-rod Grunts to test my theory. Sure enough, a never-ending stream of Fuel-Rod only Grunts came streaming from the ground floor door. As I dropped down, both the ground and 2nd floor of the hangar had 3-4 Spec Ops Elites each. I camped one corner with a Sniper Rifle, killing every Elite, but they never ceased. Eventually, I gave up and made a run for the Banshee, and there were a half-dozen Elites down there to shoot me.


I've only noticed this problem these two times. The only connection I've noticed is my use of the Bandanna Skull. I know something isn't working normally, as there wouldn't be "Kill all the Elites" chievo in a level with infinite. I never encountered this problem in CEA either. Does anyone know wtf happened?

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The Jackal Snipers will continue to spawn unless you move up. There's not an infinite amount, there's just a ton of Jackals.


For Keyes, if you don't go down to the hanger bay floor normally through the corridors, then Spec Op units will continue to spawn infinitely. If you drop down from the third floor to the bottom, Elites and Grunts will never stop spawning from the top floor.


Bandana has nothing to do with either of these things.

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