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Easy 1000: Using Turbo Controller

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Naruto Storm Revolution (Turbo Achievement Guide)

Greetings fellow achievement hunters! Styles here with a GAME-BREAKING way to complete the new Naruto Storm R game without having to put forth any serious effort and all you need is a Turbo controller. Now you will still need to perform the small miscellaneous achievements in Versus Battle with two controllers as well as the two S-Rank for Ninja Escapades, and Mecha Naruto Storyline. But outside of that you can finish this entire game with a turbo controller doing everything for you! Your main chore will be setting up fights every 7 to 9 minutes. As a preface, this was my setup for actual 1 on 1 battles in Free Battle Mode:


Character Used: Sasuke

Jutsu: Inferno Style: Susano's Flame

Inferno Style: Flame Control Jutsu

Style: Ultimate Justu

Controller Used: Hori Pad EX2 Turbo



Note: For the 4-Way Battles in Ninja World Tournament Mode, setup should not matter. Just turbo the buttons mentioned below and select whichever character(s) you wish (preferably Sasuke, Naruto, Minato, Kakashi, or Mecha Naruto).


After multiple test-throughs, I can officially confirm that nearly every achievement related to Free Battle Mode and Ultimate Ninja Tournament Mode can be unlocked simply by leaving a turbo controller idle while it rapid fires a set amount of buttons. I just figured out how to do this and I decided to post it here to help. Also, ANY controller with turbo functionality should work for this method including Hori EX2 pads as well as fight sticks.


Astonishingly enough, this ENTIRE game can be completed without even having to fight all the battles manually (with the exception of the 2 S-ranks for Ninja Escapades Mode & the Mecha Story). Believe what I am telling you here as I have discovered something truly game-breaking! You can use a Turbo Functioning controller to nab every achievement for the 1000 in this game related to Story, Tournament, and Free Battle Modes! This means you can clear all Advanced League/Survival fights and the 30 Ultimate Survival wins without even having to press anything! What I did was select Sasuke and I would set the Turbo rapid fire to the following buttons: :ybut::abut::bbut: and :ltbut:. Set the turbo to all of these buttons and then let the game idle. It will play and win all the fights for you! :)


Return in 7 to 9 minutes and you will have completed said string of fights. I'm shocked that no one has posted yet about being able to use a Turbo controller to obtain all achievements for this game. Outside of the S-Rank achievements for Ninja Escapades, the Turbo controller can do everything else. You don't need to use any item equips either when using Turbo for the Ultimate Tournament mode (in Story). Also, if you use Turbo for Ultimate Survival over night, you can obtain millions of Ryo, so it's a good way to grind for money while you're away also.


I used Sasuke for Free battle & Tournament Modes but other characters should work as well. For the Tournament Story Mode 4-way battles (and challenges), character should not matter. Use any fighters you want; just turbo the buttons mentioned above. I was able to finish the full game within 2-days using a Turbo controller to play all fights. All you literally have to do is check back frequently to set up subsequent fights. Some further notes:



✪ Once again, you only need to set turbo to
at the highest speed possible. Do this right before your match or tournament begins. Return in a set period of time to set up subsequent fights.
I selected Sasuke
(3rd from the right) for this but other characters may work also.

✪ When using Turbo for 4-Way Tournament Battles (D Rank up to S+ Rank) characters should NOT matter. Use any fighter you want.

✪ For the 4-Way Battles in Tournament Mode, I never really had to use items, equips, or bentos for ANY of my fights. The Turbo will do enough for you to win. You are welcome to use them if you want though.

✪ You can use this method for the
30 wins Ultimate Survival achievement

✪ Wonderfully enough, you can idle Turbo using the said buttons above to farm
millions of Ryo
. I set my turbo over night for Ultimate Survival and once I woke up I had accumulated over 8 Million Ryo! This is a good way to farm money to purchase anything you want in the entire game! The Turbo will keep re-starting fights whether you win or lose which means instant money over time!

✪ If you somehow lose a fight for a random reason, the turbo will usually rematch but be sure to check periodically to adjust if necessary.

This method is a nice way to perform other tasks such as school work, watch TV, etc. to complete an already very easy game to begin with. If you don't have a Turbo I guess you could always button mash the mentioned buttons or just play legit for fun. Either way, it's an extremely easy game to complete, this method just cuts down on the need to make a conscious effort.

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