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I believe I can fly Challenge


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I'm not sure what exactly counts towards it, but given that it's 2000 miles I would say it's a community achievement. You can check how many feet you've super jumped for by going the pause screen, then Extras, then stats, and it's about halfway down page three.


Ah, didn't realise it was such a great distance. If that stat is what the challenge is based on, gliding does count.


According to Google 2000 miles is 10,560,000 Feet.


I only have 639,213 feet, but I'm near the start of the game, I would think if it was a community activity, it would have been gotten by now...

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My understanding is that community challenges only unlock, if the goal was reached obviously, once the time runs out for it.


I think that must be the case. It's weird though, 2,000 miles is way too much to ask of a single player but it's almost nothing to ask of the community. I've got almost 4 million feet on my save file. Unless I'm doing the math wrong that's like 40% of the challenge distance (I'm used to metric measurements so I'm trusting Google on this).

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Well either way (you getting it all yourself, or it being a community challenge) the rewards you get seem kinda pointless... A medium Cache and XP Bonus...


Unless it is a community challenge, and you superjump a little and then put the game back on the shelf for a month...

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