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where to get Legionnaires for the kill challenge

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Hey !


I had the same Problem. I was at about 18/30 this afternoon and figured out a good way.

Go to Shakespeare's club and try to kill the People on the Dancefloor.

I did it with the greed Weapon and afterwards did the Stomp to collect the money because I also had to farm some Money.

The place is great for farming Money!

- Kill everyone on the dance floor

- collect the money via stomp

- When everybody on the dance floor is dead look down for a few seconds and they respawn. At least most of the time.

- When you hit the last wanted level before the arch duke spawns just wait inside for the legio to spawn.

- When they spawn run out, kill him/them, and get back in

It worked for me most of the time. Sometimes u get none. Sometimes two or even three.


Get sure to turn your ingame music down.. and turn your sound/speech volume up!

When the Legios spawn they make a special noise. They say something like "the Legion will rise" or something like that. If you did it 2 or 3 times you will recognize the sound they make.







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I had a similar issue but there are two main sources of legionnaires



1) Keep killing Dex over and over. Every so often he'll spawn with 2 legionnaire bodyguards.



2) They appear at alert level 5. What happens is the 2 tanks spawn immediately. Once they're destroyed carefully maintain your notoriety to keep it in the middle of the 5th red bar. After 10-30 seconds legionnaire should spawn. Kill it and then 2 tanks spawn then a legionnaire and so on.



Personally I'd suggest getting one per alert and then pushing for the duke as using the GREED guns on then usually causes them to drop ~10k which is helpful for farming wages for the challenge.

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