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Dirt 2 is a pretty fun game


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I bough this in 2013 while it was Dirt cheap (pun intended) at 2.99$. Back then there was not that much big sales like that(now its very common as we are in the next generation) and even tough i stoped playing it in 2013 and recently got back into it, it was never because i didn't liked the game.


I was more busy playing GOW Judgment and other games. Lately i have bough a Xbox One but can only play it daytime mostly when my relative is away, as i use the living room TV. My 360 on the other hand is plugged in my room on a classic tube TV.


So in the evening and night i mostly play the 360 and i tough it would be cool to get back to it. First 2 races needed some practice but after that i got it back pretty quick.


The game is really fun, its not that easy to control the cars as they seem to drift and spin a lot, but the game is very forgivable on EASY difficulty. I am very bad at racing game, so i use EASY all the time and im having a very "fair"experience.


I get tired very fast of racing games in general but i can play this a bit each day or so and do a couple races. The game seem properly long but not overly done as some games where it seem to never end.


Achievements seem overall fun to unlock and all, i know somes are unobtainable now but i don't really care as im not looking for completion on this game at all.


So overall if you got the chance to play a DIRT game, go ahead, i can't say for the others but this one is pretty cool. Im sure the others are as well.


3$ i don't regret. Its also fun to note its my first Game on Demand i purchased on the market place lol. I am more a DVD game, but since the games sells very cheap now on demand i often buy in deals and all, and my DVD player works very bad so its a good thing to have games on the HDD.

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I've had this since it came out but I agree that it was very fun. I played the original Colin McRae rally games on the PS2 and this game lives up really well to it, although it's not as serious as the older games were. The tracks are varied, and the cars look and handle well so it's an overall really enjoyable experience.


The only part I don't like is the online. IDK if it's still active now but when it was everyone seemed to think it was demolition derby and only focused on taking other people out. Never got all the online achievement because of that but I'd still recommend it to anyone who is new to racing games.

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Just finished it up tonight, got all achievements beside online ones(wich i won't bother with) and honestly it was a nice game, but i must admit at the end i wanted it to end eventually. I would not say its overly long but i felt PERSONALLY it drag a bit as once you have unlocked all the countries, the circuit seem to repeat often. Also maybe its me again but i wish there would had been more funny stuff to do, like gate crasher and all, too much races where just normal races or rally/rally cross... (god that copilot is sooo annoying) . Maybe its because i did Forza Horizon 2 Fast and Furious at the same time on X1 LOL


But overall i had fun, a very good purchase for 3$, i may pick up Dirt 3 one day, but i need to get back to midnight club LA now, one of the other few racing games i have, and eventually i always was interest in THE RUN, heard its short and it looked fun and varied(i wouldn't play this one to get all achievements either)

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