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New achievements for this DLC...

Guest Scotty

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Guest Scotty

Just going through my achievements and noticed that they have been updated with 225:gsicon:'s worth on my X1. They are;


Chaos in the Robot Factory 25:gsicon:

Survive Chaos Squad in the Robot Factory with at least 2300 Chaos.


Cosplay 30:gsicon:

Put on a robot costume and collect the kill codes.


Ballin' 30:gsicon:

Reroute the power inside the factory in the weirdest way possible.


Language Lessons 25:gsicon:

Work with Buck and Sam to create a new weapon.


Saved 30:gsicon:

Find Fiona and Lou, then help them escape by fixing Snackwrap.


Special Delivery 30:gsicon:

Ride a cargo container into the factory.


The Most Punchable Face 30:gsicon:

Defeat Brandon. Like, for real.


The Pitch 25:gsicon:

Weapons design is a tough business.


So it looks pretty good and easy. I would submit them, but i have no idea how to even do that anymore. :p


They're also on xbox.com;


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The forums for submitting are here: http://www.xboxachievements.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=2966


Anyway, these achievements look awesome, was expecting at least 250 though. Here's to hoping there are more TU achievements.


I'm expecting one or two more TUs that put the total GS up to 2000.

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