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Broly's Broken AI

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Has anyone found a way to fix it? Or figured out what causes it to break so badly? I'm trying to do the PQ where the Ultimate activation is Goku getting revived, but it takes literally 10 minutes for Broly to defeat Goku/Trunks, then Gohan, then Piccolo, because all he does is fly circles around them throwing a few ki balls from time to time. Spending 15 minutes just to get to the RNG sucks. =(

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It does seem like he'll usually go fine for the first run of a PQ most of the time before failing on the second, but I'd really rather not reset it every single time since that would waste just as much time.


[Edit: I've been having some luck using Hyper Drain to snap him out of it (drains stamina and Ki). It seems like there may be an issue with him filling up his Ki bar. It doesn't explain why Goku reviving seems to snap him out of it too though.]

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