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How much gamerscore have you earned from XB1 games?


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You're mistaken. No app gives gamerscore, including YouTube.


I'm in Sheffield, England, and both the YouTube and WWE Network apps have given me points up to now, and I've had my One a month today.


Just got another 40 points from Sunset Overdrive by the way, my HS is up to 1145 now.

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The only app that gives points is Voice Studio.


I'm in the process of downloading that.


In other news, I got an achievement (worth no points) on the YouTube app for uploading a 4.31 video of me playing Sunset Overdrive today, plus 4 achievements (a total of 40 points) on Minecraft for the tutorial mode.


My GS is now 1225, need another 35 points to get to 3 times what I started on.

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