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A long wait for 100 days

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Yes, I am also confused about this. I played for a couple days collecting materials and doing the various little achievement until I had one left, this one. Since then I have left my console on twice while sleeping and once while I was awake all day. I have not been given this achievement yet. It has all been done on the same world on peaceful, which trueachievements guide says works. I'm not sure 20g is worth pushing my xbox so hard. It's a shame I completed everything I wanted to do in this game a long long time ago.


I use a wired controller, after a while the screen dims, as the xbox does, I wonder if it still counts those? I mean the world still goes on. I wonder if you have to keep your character moving or it's just plain buggy?


I'm just going to glitch this one with a friend or try to. I have left my game on for over 40 hours. Something bugged out with it. I also noticed my normal leaderboard stats, which I play on mostly have all been deleted and swapped around. I have no longer mined anything, but I have killed 65,000 pigmen.

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I found putting in a second controller, unlocking something random on the second profile then signing it out caused the main profile to unlock several achievements, this one included.


I tried this three times and it didn't work. Unless you left something out, like them both needing gold and in the same world. I'm seriously not going to spend another who knows how many hours killing my xbox for a 20g achievement overnight. I've spent 50 hours on this. Why is it so hard to not fuck up achievements and leaderboards?

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Nothing has worked for me either. No 100 days, ticked off about 21 biomes including Nether and the End and still no ocelots. Every Minecraft update just brings another glitch.


I got the biomes after covering the surface twice and then caving. I was underground in quite a bit of natural caves before it actually told me gave me the achievement. I did it on a pre-update world on normal mode.


Still 980/1000 though. The best selling game in history can't get their achievements working? Yikes.

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Have you actually been playing it? Minecraft times out and stops logging time 5-10mins after inactivity starts.


Been playing it for god knows how long, then leaving it on over night after i've finished playing.


Are you saying that everyone who has left their console on overnight is wasting their time doing so?

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My fiancee just re-activated her Gold and popped about 10 achievements including this one. I still have none. Tried every trick in this thread. Got everything else at least.


Going to try loading an online game and leaving that running overnight as that should prevent it from timing out or showing as inactive.

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Achievement was glitched for me with playing around 100 hours. I tried all the above methods and could not unlock it.


What worked for me using the physical copy:

-Backup world onto USB and move the save file info for profile onto the USB.

-Delete title update

-Clear cache

-Start Minecraft unpatched (Avatar award unlocked at title screen, game generated new save file info for profile)

-Played world save from HDD (world was regenerated)

-Save and exit world

-Quit Minecraft

-Install Update

-Start Minecraft and tried to play on the world saved on HDD (Xbox froze and needed reset)

-After restart generated new world on easy and achievement unlocked immediately


Restored old world and save file info for profile from USB and world loaded normally. Leaderboard values glitched out somewhere in this process with some resetting to zero and others being highly inflated. Hope this works for others having issue unlocking this.

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