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But I can't figure out how to add people with the codes :/ Help?


There's supposed to be an option in the friend screens (the ones you get when clicking on the lighthouse) to add a code. I had the option originally but after I added one friend, it disappeared and never came back. I contacted customer care 2 days ago about it and they requested a screenshot. I sent them a screen shot this morning, and I'm awaiting another reply.

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I guess mine is just glitched as well, because I only have the option to add facebook friends :(


Yeah, that's all I have now too. I got a response back from Gameloft, unfortunately, it looks like a generic reply:




Greetings from Gameloft Customer Care.


Friends can be added from the Social menu by using the Friend Code feature, Game Center, Google+ or Facebook. Friends who are already registered as playing the game on Game Center, Google+ and/or Facebook will be added by default.


Here is how the Friend code works:


1) Player A sends the Friend Code via FB or mail to his friend;

2) New Player click on the link and, during registration, add the Friend Code;

3) Both players receive the reward for it.


Unfortunately, this game cannot be played across different platforms.


So, if your friends are using a different platform, you will be unable to interact with them.


I hope, this information is useful.


If you have any other questions don't hesitate to contact me back.


Best regards,

Is anybody having success adding friend codes?
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I emailed gameloft customer care again and received this response:




Thank you for contacting Gameloft Customer Care.


I’m sorry that you’re having this problem, but thank you for bringing it to our attention.


I have forwarded the information you provided to our developers for further review.


As soon as a solution is found, we will implement it in one of our upcoming updates.

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us.



So there's hope for the issue getting fixed. Cross your fingers it's sooner than later!
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