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Do Achievements Carry Over?


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I was looking to try the game but would prefer on the tablet. Has anyone managed to play the game on one device and have the achievements unlock for the other?


Achievements sync between Win8 and WP. Earn it on one, and it'll auto-unlock on the others. All progress carries from platform to platform.

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Best thing for gold is just to try to level up your dragons, and have lots of them. I don't keep doubles, upgrade their habitats, and try to go back every few hours to collect. As you start to win more battles, there are some mines you can unlock that will also give you gold, which help a lot. I level all of my dragons to at least level 10 for the extra gold you get, and only concentrate on high leveling a few that I use regularly for battles. You also get gold (and fruit) from the battles themselves, and get more the farther along you are. I have about 3 of each type of habitat (except for metal/energy/void), and level them to max when I can. Level 5 habitats can hold 3 dragons. I also try to do as many of the quests (bottom left button, farthest left) as I can for the gold and fruit as well. Oh, and you can get gold from the dragons by clicking on the habitat, but also get gold from petting each of them every few hours. There's also the events (top left) that you can do for rewards; I've even won a dragon from one of them.


Hope all of that helps, good luck!

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I completely forgot to thank you for all your advice. It helped tremendously. I've seen a few people have an extremely high dragon, but I can't seem to get that far. Right now I have 2 level 26 and a level 25. I only get enough food to get one feeding in for one dragon so leveling any further is going to take quite some times.


did you find that focusing on one dragon above others helped? I'm beginning to struggle with getting three stars for the scrolls at this point and am trying to find a solid plan on how to proceed. I love the game.

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No problem, happy to help. I really enjoyed this game. Depending on what dragons you have leveled (and their skills), you should be leveled enough to get all of the achievements. I had a level 26 that was one of my first dragons, and 2 level 24's at that point. The level 26 had Earth level 4-5 and was the lead off in every battle, so he would block for the others while they did most of the attacking and/or healing, with at least one of the level 24's having the Water skill level 3 I think.


When I got the last story related achievement, I still had a looong way to go for my hits and wins. I just kept playing, and trying to make all the different dragons, and battling when I could. By the end, I was keeping doubles for the extra gold, but was mostly breeding void based combos and just building void habitats, and only upgrading to where they can hold two. Helped a lot for money. The enemies for the scrolls and mines seemed to level off at one point, but it was tough getting 3 stars all of the time. I'd always try to have that level 26 guy to block, and then had a few different ones I'd swap out to have the elemental advantage wherever possible.

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Anyone know how to fix this?


I unlocked 3 achievements on my phone. They are NOT tracking here or on Xbox Live.


HOWEVER, when I loaded the game up on my laptop and Windows 10 ... the 3 achievements popped immediately, synching over flawlessly from my phone... even though they aren't popping on that.


Odd right?


Any tips?

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