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So basically, I purchased a physical copy, so I could still get Xbox achievements through amazon, I've now done all achievements except Minerva's Den... So I'm stuck at 1250/1380G.


Does anyone have a GFWL version of Minerva's Den?

If so could I grab it from your GFWL Marketplace or your gamefiles? I'm not sure how to obtain it, but anyone who has it I am willing to pay the money the DLC actually costs to get my hands on that final gamerscore! :francis:


I'd also like to note, does getting the Steam version of Minerva's Den, then moving it over into the GFWL version work?



& Help maybe?

- Will

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Can I ask how you were able to get the Minerva's Den DLC? It was removed from GFWL marketplace ages ago and can no longer be downloaded.

Anything you own via GFWL can till be redownloaded, however they cannot be purchased anymore. He must have found someone with the license, downloaded them with their tag and then played them with his tag to unlock the achievements.


I can confirm you can still download them because a few days ago I decided to try to go back for the BioShock 2 (PC) completion, redownloaded the map pack to my windows 8 pc just to realize i would have to find 3 other people with the dlc just to get the damn map achievements done because the mp is beyond dead.

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