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Can't get GFWL to work...help?


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I'm trying to play Fallout 3 and want to get all the achievements but am having problems.


So I load up Fallout 3 to the main screen and click on LIVE.

I click on Use Existing Live Profile I enter my details and click "sign-in"

It says its downloading my profile


Then I get a message saying that an update is available for Live, which if I don't download it will sign me out.


I click Yes and the Update in Progress bar fills.

When it is full GFWL and Fallout 3 close down and I get a Windows "preparing to install message" which stays for a few seconds then disappears.


I wait......




If I try again, I get the same thing....


I have disabled AV but nothing. Any thoughts appreciated.

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Downloaded version but i have a GFWL code. The game will run without it but I want to get the cheevos.


Yeah, I was thinking of downloading it this week, as well, but have no idea how to get achievements going and don't want to buy it if I can't.


Anyone have a solution/input?

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Just tried it again and it worked!! Downloaded the update, it installed and GFWL worked OK. Ran the game and got all the cheevos no problem. Haven't a clue why it didn't before.

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