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Dark Souls PC Crashing

Dante XBA

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Okay, I'm at a loss here.


I bought Dark Souls PC on disc because of the shutdown of the digital version, and I want to obtain the achievements for my Xbox card. However, the game is being such a pain in the ass.


Fresh install, GFWL client freshly downloaded from Xbox.com itself, Steam freshly installed, game works perfectly fine until the in-game GFWL tab pops up saying it needs an update. It updates, tells me to close the game and restart it. It then loads for about 2 seconds after I re-launch the game (showing the bonfire icon and everything) and then immediately crashes, every time. Any suggestions? I've tried running both the DATA and game itself as Admin, running them in Service Pack 3 (XP), 7 AND 8 Compatibility modes, and even running GFWL's programs as Admin. I'm at a loss here. Please help.

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The only thing I haven't tried yet is renaming VSfilter. I'll get back to you on that attempt.


EDIT: VSFilter.dll doesn't exist on my computer. I'm guessing it comes with the DSFix package. Any other ideas? I'm all out haha.

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