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Final Battle - help?!

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I have pretty much breezed through the campaign, until I got the the final mission, which is quite frankly ridiculous. In no way do I feel prepared for this battle, and that in order to beat it, I would probably need to start the entire game from day 1 to develop my characters properly.


Anyone else have the same problem? Any tips at all to beat this with NO Caberjack class heroes? I only have Trickshooters, Boomstrikers and Alchemists... All armour and weapon upgrades have been completed, so I have the choice of all of those.


Any help appreciated as I feel this part of the game is particularly unfair based on the rest of the campaign.


PS if anyone can explain the ressurection and how it works in this battle it would be very helpful also.

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It's been a few months since finishing but I stealthed through the whole game. I never used the caberjacks either so the last battle was a bit frustrating. All my heroes were crazy powerful though, max levels and gear. All really old too lol. Best advice is crowd control, snipe the big threats first. Use that knockback attack whenever possible, blind/daze constantly


I had at least a dozen seeds whacking away at my chalice for quite awhile, toss in a blind/daze on them and keep hitting the major threats. All my heroes could one shot nearly everything so that helped. I built my bloodlines for huge long range damage. I don't think anyone had negative traits. I loved this game but it can get frustrating and if you mess up early, it can get out of hand. And remember to refill potions at the chalice!


By the end of the final battle I finally cleared away the little seeds and was hoping for more waves. Try not to get distracted by them, just focus on the big threats, and good luck! Hope you don't have to restart!


Hope this gets some dlc too. Funny side story, I messed up at the endgame with one bloodline, I didn't remarry one king guy because he was like 70, waiting for him to die. End of game came, and he was still alive...at 130 years of age, He killed off his bloodline by outliving the rest lol.

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I beat it with only Hunters. Kind of screwed up the gene pool and by the time my game was nearing the end, all I had left were Hunters (which wasn't such a terrible thing, but it really made some of the final battles take forever). The last battle was pretty hard. I ended up losing one guy, and almost losing a 2nd one. Still, I think I could have survived another 2-3 waves of enemies if it came down to it.


Obviously you want to deal with the big enemies as soon as possible. It does help that you said you have all the armor and weapon upgrades. I was fully upgraded in Hunter weapons and armor. Also, I had one Hunter with the Blunderbow for extra close-range damage, which came in handy. The real threats were the lapses and wrinklers. Keep your distance and focus on taking them out. As for the Seeds, you can just move past them and deal with them later. Sure, they do 1-10 damage to the Chalice, but it has 500 HP, and even with allowing the Seeds to attack it, it was still over 300 HP by the time I beat the game. I found it to be a useful strategy since I could focus my fire on the more threatening enemies, then I'd clean up and pick them off when the stronger enemies were gone or out of range.


Anyway, I'm going to suggest you stick with Trickshooters, since you'll want to keep your enemies (with the exception of Seeds) at a distance when you attack them. I found lapses to be incredibly deadly. One single hit took 17-18 HP. Fortunately they only ever landed 2 hits on me. It was however, a wrinkler that ended up killing my guy, and with one hit (instant death by old age).


I went into the battle with all level 10 warriors, so I'm hoping yours are levelled up that high as well. I invested heavily in training with two separate crucibles. If your characters are low levels, you might be doomed!


Well, I rambled a bit, but I did just beat the game yesterday. I hope my advice can be of some assistance to you, and I hope you'll give it another shot and finish it. Though, the ending is pretty lousy, to be honest. Also, the game has the longest list of credits I've ever seen. Turns out it was a Kickstarter game, so people who donated were acknowledged in the credits.


One last thing, just be mindful of your movement and placement. If guys get injured, keep them behind your healthy players. Enemies typically aim for the characters closest to them. Also, I would recommend staying near the Chalice. Don't venture out too far. Let them come to you and try to get in the first shot on your enemies. Be smart and strategic about it. You want to make sure your shots end in kills. If possible, you don't want to have to attack any enemy more than 1 time. If you're all levelled up, you should be able to kill most of the enemies with a single hit, which will prevent them from being able to retaliate.


Okay, okay, that's all. I feel like that was just the most incoherent jumble of advice I've ever given, and it's probably way too much to read. But hey, maybe it'll help somebody down the line. Good luck to you all!

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