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Underwurlde Walkthrough


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This guide will get you through the game and kill all three Guardians. Below there's also a guide for the achievement "All the Time in the Wurlde".






- You might be stuck on this game for a while. The jumping mechanics are... interesting. I know it was really cool and unique at the time, but it's mainly rage inducing and some jumps you can only make by doing odd things that don't feel like they intended you to do. Just remember that walking directly off a ledge will most likely make you jump down to the nearest ledge, and experiment with flinging off of ropes with the Y button. With enough practice and rewinding almost all the time, you'll get through the game.


- Turn off enemies and turn on Infinite Lives. They make the game about 5x easier. It's not at all worth it to brave the game with them off. Trust me. Working around the jumping is enough of a challenge.


- Underground, you'll see some Blue Gems spawned randomly on ledges. These will grant momentary immunity to fall damage, although these are useless if you have Infinite Lives on.


- It doesn't matter which of the three exits you choose to use. I wrote the guide to lead you to the Knight Lore exit, as it's the closest and easiest. It's the only game of the three on the disc anyway. All exits will count as completing the game.




U = Up

D = Down

L = Left

R = Right

x# = Amount of times to move that direction



1. Pick up the Slingshot to your left and then go R x4, D x2, L, D x3, L, U x3, L, Pick up the Dagger.


2. R, D x3, R, U x3, R, U x3, R x2, D x2, L, D, R, D x2, L, D, R, D, L, Kill the Beetle with the Dagger.


3. L x5, U x2, L x4, D, Pick up the Bow.


4. U, R x4, D x2, R x6, U, L, U, R, U x2, L, U, R, U x2, L x2, D x3, L, D x3, L, U x3, L x2, D, L, Kill the Demon with the Bow.


5. L, U, L, U, R, U x2, R x5, U, L x2, U x3, L, U x2, R x2, D, Pick up the Torch.


6. U, L x2, D x2, R, D x2, L, D, L x4, D, L x3, D x3, L, Kill the Devil with the Torch.


7. L, U x4, R x2, U x2, R x2, U x2, L, D, L, U, L x2, U x3, R x2, U, R, U x2, R x2, U, R, D x2, R, U x3, L x3, D, L, U x2, And exit to Knight Lore.



If you want to complete the achievement "All the Time in the Wurlde", you will need to have visited all possible Depths. This does NOT mean you need to see all the screens, you must simply visit depths 1-52. Following the above guide will get you about halfway done, so to finish it off you have to travel down to Depth 52.


This guide will get you down there, and it starts at the end of step 2, after killing the Beetle.


1. L, D, R x2, D, L, D, R, D, L x2, D, L, D.


2. L x2, D, L, D, L x2, D x3, R, D, R x3, D x2.


3. R x2, D x2, R, D x3, L, D x3, R, D x3, R, D x3, L x2, D x2, R, D, Complete.



Here are some helpful maps. I do NOT own any of these maps.


1. http://www.worldofspectrum.org/pub/sinclair/games-maps/u/Underwurlde.jpg


2. http://www.worldofspectrum.org/pub/sinclair/games-maps/u/Underwurlde_2.jpg

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How long will this take roughly to complete?


Thanks for the guide im sure it will help me :)


That depends on how much patience you have with the jumping mechanics, and whether or not you're insane enough like me to try and beat it with enemies still on and limited lives. If you're doing it with enemies, it could take you a good 1-2 hours, or more since some of the jumps require some experimentation. If you're used to the jumping and you're playing with enemies off and maybe infinite lives, I'd say maybe around 20 minutes? Just an estimation, but if you're short on time, definitely turn off enemies.

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I spent forever trying to explore every single square, until about half-way through that venture, I reached the bottom floor and got the achievement when I realized it's only one square per floor. -_-

I thought I was the only one! man.. I pasted a copy of the map into Paint on my PC and drew where I've visited so far.. ridiculous. I didn't know you could turn off enemies and have infinite lives either.. I literally did it the hardest way possible ha. Oh well, its the way it was meant to be I suppose

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