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Achievement Guide & RoadMap


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Many thanks to Mr Chaotix for the amazing banner.




- Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10

- Offline: 0

- Online: 20 [200:gsicon:]

- Approximate amount of time to 200:gsicon:: 25-30 hours

- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: N/A

- Missable achievements: None

- Does difficulty affect achievements: No difficulty.

- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: None

- Extra equipment needed: A Windows phone. Real world money spent on gems would speed things up.



Welcome to Age of Sparta for the Windows 8--a Gameloft creation that takes us down history road with the Greeks, ancient battles, mythology, and the thrill of building and breaking. Although on the surface the game may seem quite linear and basic, there is a ton of content that becomes unlocked as you level up. The vast majority of the achievements involve simply leveling yourself up, building or doing what the achievement description states, and then moving onto the next achievement. For a city builder, the list if very basic with only a few achievements presenting a bit of challenge/skill as a requirement.


Abbreviated Walkthrough:

We will tackle the game in essentially two distinct parts: Gold Rush/City Build and Reap the Players.


Pre-Gaming and City Building:

Utilizing the quests to help guide you along your path to a good, sustainable city is critical. With that being said, there is a strategy that can be used to get you the best bang for your buck early on and will really help you grow quickly. Below is the picture of my gold rush setup, and a brief description on how to use it.




Before you are able to start pulling in large sums of coin, you will need about nine unlocked land slots so you can create a good square area that will be the base for the coin farming. So the first thing you will notice is that the central point is the Acropolis. You will be given one for free, and what it does is collect all gold without having to click on each building. Now as far as setting up, you can buy all of the wheat farms early on without must cost to you, but the boosters will eventually eat at your purse. Notice I utilize ornate road, water fountains, centear statues, big parks, vases, small gazebos, hearths, and lots of arches. You may want to play with different set ups, different combinations of boosters depending on if you buy gems or use gem-bought boosters. On average you should be bringing in around 16,000+ coins per minute with the above setup which would mean you would be coming in just shy of 1,000,000 coins per hour--an amazing amount of coin for early on in the game.


Reap the Players (PvP Wins / Bounty):

This is where you will undoubtedly spend the majority of your time--grinding away and working toward 1,000 enemies attacked and 500 bounties collected. What I will do is provide some basic tips and tricks that can be used to help make the fighting easier and more successful.


Boons are very effective



The key for boons is that you use them to aid you in battles that are either very easy or easy in difficulty classification. There is no need to hunt people who are hard or very hard as the battles and rewards are not worth it. Another huge tip for PvP is upgrading your deity as soon and as often as you can. I personally use Hades as my deity of choice as his triple attack is more powerful than Zeus' boosting allies attack strength. The max you can upgrade for both of the terrains is level 15 so keep that in mind when working your deity up.


Like the guide says for attacking 1,000 players, you can easily put one unit in and retreat out to have it count for an attack. Unlike the 500 bounties collected, you simply need to attack 1,000 players--not win. Hunting bounties will take you upwards of 10-15 hours depending on how many very easy/easy targets exist. Attacking the remaining players necessary for the 1,000 players attacked total can be easily be rushed by putting one unit in and then retreating.



At this point you should be completely finished with the game having ran through 1,000 opponents. If you have any lingering miscellaneous achievements like defensive structures ("Fortified") or revenge attacks ("Vengeful"), now is the time to clean them up and get the completion.




Well there we have it ladies and gents, another Gameloft game, although this time things are not so bad. Age of Sparta is a fun city-builder game that has a lot of interesting and compelling components making it quite enjoyable all the way through. The combat may get repetitive as you work toward completion, but new monsters, varied fight styles, and little tips and tricks make it bearable. With a bit of perseverance and some mastery of boon-usage and combat triangle perfection Age of Sparta is a fun game with a surprisingly-good achievement list and a darn good completion. We'll see you folks next time!



Achievement Guide:



http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3689/1.jpg Prudent 10:gsicon:

Collect 500 coins from your headquarters


This will be a very easy, and early achievement for you. You simply collect coins from your headquarters when the coin icon appears and you will eventually snag the 500 coins.


The headquarters looks like this:




http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3689/2.jpg Relentless 10:gsicon:

Win 5 battles in a row.


Winning five battles in a row should not be a difficult task for you to achieve early on in the game. During the training you will be required to win battles in the campaign and against other players. Just keep in mind you want to battle very easy or easy players.


If you are about to lose a battle, quickly pressing the close button in the top right corner will save you from defeat, although your units still receive whatever damage they took during the battle.



http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3689/3.jpg Perfection 15:gsicon:

Win a battle without losing any units


You should actually get this as either your first, or one of your first achievements. During the training, and first quest missions, you will face off against very weak enemies that should net you with a victory without losing any units.



http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3689/4.jpg Ready To Fight 20:gsicon:

Successfully complete training


You simply need to follow the on screen instructions that teach you the basics of the game. You will either earn this first or "Perfection."



http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3689/5.jpg Quick And Accurate 10:gsicon:

Destroy 25 boons in combat


One of the most effective tools to winning a battle are the use of boons. Your opponents, if they have boons saved up, can automatically use them during combat. You will see items drop from the sky, cloud over units, or roll in on the ground. On occasion, some boons may not count toward this total, but as you progress through combat, make sure to pay attention to the environment and the 25 boons destroyed will come early on.

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http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3689/6.jpg Beasts Of The Land 5:gsicon:

Train 50 land units


Land units are the backbone of your army and are built in the Grounds of Ares. You will learn how to build land units in the training and will extrapolate this as you work toward other achievements.



http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3689/7.jpg Devastator 10:gsicon:

Kill 25 enemy units


Killing 25 enemy units will most likely come right at the end of your training. These kills count between both PvP and campaign missions.



http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3689/8.jpg Disciple Of Ares 10:gsicon:

Attack 25 enemy players


You simply need to attack 25 enemy players, win or lose. See "Hunter" and "Bloodthirsty" for some tips and tricks for PvP.



http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3689/9.jpg Eternal City 10:gsicon:

Build 10 buildings


During the course of your training you will learn how to create buildings. After the training is complete you can continue with quests that require you to create buildings to earn this achievement efficiently.



http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3689/10.jpg Aesthetics 15:gsicon:

Build 10 boosters


Boosters are items that can add percentage boosts to your buildings. Go to Tools -> Shop -> down to Boosters. You will end up building many boosters to help make the most out of your buildings and their output.



http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3689/11.jpg Rich As Sroesus 10:gsicon:

Collect 50000 coins


Collecting 50,000 coins is a task that will happen very early in the game for you, and something you will not have to worry about working towards as you need millions of coins to get through this game.



http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3689/12.jpg Faithful 5:gsicon:

Collect 500 faith


Faith is the currency in Age of Sparta that is used for attacking players and working through the campaign. You collect faith through specific buildings designed to produce it. The picture below is what collecting faith will look like. 500 faith will come fairly quickly along your journey to complete the game.





http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3689/13.jpg Ruler Of Many 10:gsicon:

Have a population of 300


Working your way through the early quests will unlock this achievement with relative ease. Population is used for building structures in your city and will need to be increased often to keep up with an expanding and growing empire.



http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3689/14.jpg Fortified 10:gsicon:

Build 2 defensive structures


Defensive structures unlock at level 20 (buyable with gems). If you want to avoid spending your gems on the two structures needed for this achievement, at level 25 you unlock the fortification workshop which will build the structures for coins instead. After your second structure is built, the achievement will unlock.



http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3689/15.jpg Vengeful 10:gsicon:

Attack 10 enemies in revenge


This achievement has the possibility of being the most difficult achievement on this entire list. Unless you leave your base open from the start of the game (as few troops as possible), you will most likely run into the problem of having not enough people attempt to attack you, let alone win. So let's work off the assumption that someone has beaten you in combat. Head to your tools -> achievements -> reports -> and then go to the person who defeated you. On the right hand side you will see the option to revenge attack, and then by air or land. For this method choose either, and once you are at the troop placement screen, go to the top right corner of your screen and exit out of the game. Although it will cost you faith, every time you load back into the game it will count as one revenge attack, without a win or loss and without troop causalities. You can simply use this trick to rack in all 10 revenge attacks.


Now this part of the guide will be for people who do not have the ironic luxury of having someone defeat them without the above tips. We will be using something called the Facebook, nuke base trick. First off, you will need to either befriend someone on Facebook who has the game, or get a friend to download the game and log into their Facebook. The reason we use Facebook is that it gives us the opportunity to attack friends, across all levels and glory totals, at any time. So once you are friends with someone on FB, head back to Age of Sparta go to the fight icon on the bottom right corner and then to friends.




After you are in the friends menu it will look something similar to the image below. If you have more friends, their characters will appear to the right of where my sole friend is.




Now you can attack, or your friend can attack you, and then work the strategy at the beginning of this achievement's guide for quick success.



http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3689/16.jpg Ascending Olympus 10:gsicon:

Reach level 20


Reaching level 20 is not something you will need to focus on. You may want to level slowly while working toward bounty victories, but keep in mind that everything you do in Age of Sparta levels your character. Quests are a very easy and efficient way of leveling and keeping yourself up to par with your opponents.



http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3689/17.jpg General 5:gsicon:

Destroy 500 enemy land units


You will most likely score this early on as combat in both campaign and PvP count toward the total of 500 enemy land units killed for this achievement.



http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3689/18.jpg Ruler Of The Skies 5:gsicon:

Destroy 500 air units in combat


Campaign mission 2-4 is the best spot for air battles if done in the campaign. As always, you can verse other players in air combat with it being advised that you gravitate toward people with very easy or easy classifications to make things less damaging on your army. It helps if you work on bounties during this time as well, but the campaign mission is the best spot to grind out the kills.



http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3689/19.jpg Hunter 10:gsicon:

Collect bounty rewards 500 times




Using the picture above as a reference, note that the circled players are those with active bounties. Anytime you see a player with a coin value next to their name they are a target that if beaten, will award credit toward this achievement. When bounty hunting, it is advisable to only go after targets that are classified as very easy or easy--and those without an alliance. When you start to dip into targets that are classified as normal or above the fights become much harder, the targets often have a God on their side, and they will have boons stockpiled.


If you find yourself running out of easy targets, simply place bounties on random people to get some new players to choose from. Note that you will definitely want to work on this early on and often before things become too difficult and you are forced to nuke your glory rating to get winnable battles.



http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3689/20.jpg Bloodthirsty 10:gsicon:

Attack other players 1000 times


Make sure you get "Hunter" out of the way first as the bounty reward victories will be much easier against lower level opponents. The best advise is to continuously hunt for people who are classified as 'very easy' or 'easy' as they will be the closest thing to a win and loot. You can of course simply place down on troop member, start the battle and retreat, but this will nuke your glory score.


If you simply want to grind out the achievement, the above strategy of placing a troop and retreating is the single fastest way to attack players 1,000 times.

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This Achievement Guide and Roadmap has been reviewed by Guide Team Staff member Andrew x360a and has been published as the Official XboxAchievements.com Achievement Guide and Roadmap! The link to the Official Guide is here:


Official XboxAchievements.com Age of Sparta Achievement Guide and Roadmap


Please post any updates within the Update: Guides & Roadmaps thread.

Also, please check the Award Tracking: Guides & Roadmaps forum to make sure we are up to date.

You may request for those to be edited/updated within that forum as well.


We look forward to your future submissions!

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