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Halo 2 Product Key Invalid


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I bought a sealed copy of Halo 2 Vista off of Amazon back in 2013, but never got around to it--partially due to the fiasco with the servers shutting down.


But I've seen a few recent threads on this forum with members proclaiming the servers are still up, so I installed GFWL, got Tinker to work fine and then installed Halo 2, the Dedicated Server and the Map Editor.


Everything was smooth until I signed in at the main menu.


I got this notice:




So I searched online for some answers, eventually trying many product keys from pastebin and such, but to no avail. I got this notice:




Finally, I tried keygens and patches as a last ditch effort, but the result was still the same. It wants a damn product key.


Has anyone else had this issue?


How did you work around this?


I've read a few reports that calling customer service helped, though I have not tried this yet. Can anyone elaborate on this?


I've reinstalled Halo 2 three times now, trying different methods (entering the product key in the installer, waiting to enter the product key in-game, creating an offline account to start the game up with then switching to my live profile, etc).


This is getting extremely frustrating.

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I had the same problem when I bought the game about a year ago. I came across a YouTube video that some guy had put up on how to pirate the game and applied his techniques to my legit copy. It basically involved installing a registry file that made the game accept any product key.

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