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Killstreak Challenges doable in Cars


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Just as the Title says,


The challenges where you have to kill a specific amount of people without getting hit are doable in Cars. Not entirely sure how yet, but I received the 9 and the 12 one whilst in a car.


Just Saiyan...




-- Edit: Did some more testing, but taking down 15 cars and killing the drivers hand-to-hand does not get you the challenge. Weird...


-- Edit: And now I suddenly got it whilst pulling off a tire with the harpoon...

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Got the 8 kills to pop when I did a jump.


Not a fan of the 12 in a row. Not done it yet.


My issues is with the camera. It doesn't widen when you fight. So most of the time I get hit from a guy I didn't even see coming.


Agreed. Well lucky you: The game ends the kill streak challenge @ 15 kills :)

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I find it helps a lot when fighting to mash both X & Y. I have fought large numbers of enemies at once using this method and haven't been hit a single time. Occasionally someone will get a hit in when you're doing a back breaker or shiv finisher but otherwise, most of the time using this method I come out unscathed.

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