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Master Cylinder

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But shit graphics. The main character looks absolutely ridiculous. Oh wait.....;)


A bit too easy, I expect to get the 1000g without a guide, but it is a bit of fun and it's only $7 (Aus)


This would have been a good GWG title. Probably still might be.

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Each level is short and reasonably easy. A bit of trial and error will get you through.

I'm at the last level without using a guide. Finding the "Lad of Los" in the 4 levels they are in, is the trickiest part to work out. For the first one, in "Volcanic Valley", I will give a hint (Take notice of those wall drawings)


I can help if you have any queries. I have only the last level and the 2 bonus levels to complete. Which I should do today.


If you do need a walkthrough. Do a search over on the steam site. They have a whole section on this game.

I would post a link, but that is frowned upon here.

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