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Game Freezes At Same Part Everytime


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After the cutscene with Claire Redfield in the sewers on the level Nothing is as it Seems my game freezes as soon as I regain control of my character.


I've had this happen five times now and I can't seem to get past this point to complete the level. =/


I realize that this thread will probably never get a response, but I'll update my post if I find a fix.


In the off-chance that someone does reply, have you had this issue and if so how did you fix it?


I've noticed that many others had the same issue here.


Only workaround is to apparently have someone else host that can pass that point and join their game in progress afterwards.


C'mon Capcom, patch your damn games. I spent extra money on this DLC just for you to give me a middle finger.


Update #1

Tried clearing entire area of enemies and waited for entire team to pass through the door prior to the cutscene. Still freezes.


Update #2

Cleared the system cache. Attempted to complete the level again, but to no avail. Yet another game freeze.

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