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Achievement Guide and Roadmap

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Caladrius - Achievement Guide and Roadmap


This guide is written for the sole use of XBA; if you wish to use this information please ask first.



Estimated achievement difficulty: ?

Offline: 1000:gsicon: / Online: 0:gsicon:

Approximate amount of time to 1000: 10-20 hours

Minimum number of playthroughs needed: About 40+

Number of missable achievements: None

Glitched achievements: None

Do cheat codes disable achievements? No (There are none)

Does difficulty affect achievements? Yes (a couple of them are affected on certain difficulties.)


General Achievement Note: Certain achievements can only be unlocked within certain difficulties and modes, with others can within certain intervals, see the achievements and their descriptions for more details. Changing the game options will still earn you achievements as well (Up to 5 lives/bombs). Best to play this in the 1.10 game version/balance.


2nd Note: The game is rated CERO: D in JP and it does contain scenes of characters and bosses having their clothes torn/shredded, hence the shame break feature for this game. While it may be “lewd” in that stance, the English (digital) release in the NA/EU regions (Rated ESRB: T and PEGI: 12 respectively) replaces some of it with the AC/Arcade version artwork. Which is less tame, and changes some of the gallery artwork. Of course though, gameplay, achievements and leaderboards remain the same.


Controls: (Controls can be changed to your liking)



:xbut:-Elemental Shot 1 (Offensive)/:ybut:-Elemental Shot 2 (Support)/:bbut:-Elemental Shot 3 (Defensive)

:ltbut:-Elemental Burst (Requires all 3 shot gauges to be 50% or higher to activate)



Differences within 1.00 and 1.10: (This can be changed in the options, default is 1.10.)

1.00: Default difficulty, more enemy placements, certain boss shot patterns have more bullets, Elemental Shot refills are slower, cannot shoot aerial blue enemy ships from Stage 6.


1.10: Adjusted difficulty, less enemy placements, certain boss shot patterns have less bullets, Elemental Shot refills quick and all gauges are refilled to 100% every boss battle (except on Stage 6), can shoot aerial blue enemy ships from Stage 6.


Intro: Caladrius is a gothic-horror themed shoot-em-up by Moss who has also done other games such as the Raiden games (3, 4 and the upcoming 5) and the KOF Skystage/NG Heroes games (collaboration with SNK Playmore), in this game, 3 of our heroes (4 as of the unlockable Caladrius, and 6 with two more DLC characters) must travel in 5 different areas to unravel their destinies (6 if you go without continues) until they meet up with the King, whose name is Graham, and it’s up to them to stop him, although, there may be someone else more sinister than him…


Conclusion: For fans of the Raiden games, and other Shmups, and the game looking more in the style of DeathSmiles, Caladrius is a fun game that will take your shoot-em-up skills to the limit, and maybe more.


Game Mechanics:


http://i825.photobucket.com/albums/zz179/NeoStrayCat/Forum%20Essential/1UP_zps8i1yvsns.pngLives: Extra lives can only be earned by getting nine 1UP chips, which are purple colored and will drop from certain enemies and all the bosses from stages 1 through 5 (except the Stage 6 boss). Getting nine of them make a Grimoire appear from enemy contact which you must collect carefully. There are 36 1UP chips in the entire game, which will earn you at least 4 extra lives if you collect them all, along with the associated achievement as well.


http://i825.photobucket.com/albums/zz179/NeoStrayCat/Forum%20Essential/B_zps4ophne8l.pngBombs: 1 can be earned at 3,000,000 (to unlock said achievement) and the rest at every 5,000,000 (Ex: 8Mil, 13Mil, 18Mil, etc.) or by life loss, you can only hold a maximum of 9, any more earned will not add to the maximum, so use if necessary.


http://i825.photobucket.com/albums/zz179/NeoStrayCat/Forum%20Essential/HUD_zpsfkykjena.pngHeads-Up Display:


  1. Rate: Multiplier score rate, increases by 0.02 with any enemy destroyed by an Elemental Shot. Resets back to 1.00 if a life is lost.
  2. Ether Gauge/Chips: The Ether Gauge on the left side fills up with each elemental shot attack, completely fill it each time to earn an ether chip to upgrade your ES's.
  3. Elemental Gauges: Use of elemental attacks will drain your gauge(s) each time you use a specific weapon, when it is at 0%, you cannot use that weapon again, and your main shot will be fired until you let it refill it within time. You can also use an Elemental burst when all 3 gauges are at 50%, which is a full screen attack, which will temporary negate bullets for about 3 seconds. Using this however will drain all 3 gauges to a certain amount of how much elemental gauge you'll get or by 0% if all 3 gauges are at 100%, use carefully. There are also Elemental Cores so that you can refill your gauges with, but they are hidden and must be shot at specific locations. Getting it to green will charge it to max or near max, but wait too long and it'll turn yellow, which won't give you much recharge.

Characters/Ships: (Note: You can customize Elemental Shot attacks after clearing the game with every character once, best done in Practice difficulty.) *Denotes ES weapon will also fire main shot.


http://i825.photobucket.com/albums/zz179/NeoStrayCat/Forum%20Essential/Alex_zpsb8uhtl7z.pngAlex Martin/Sword Ifurita – "Importance was placed on attack power, and so some mobility has been sacrificed." Main Shot: Semi-Wide / Elemental Shot Weapons: Fire /Elemental Burst: Circular Shot Spread


1. Flame Chivalry – "These shots pierce though anything". (Straight powerful offensive shot. Maximum level upgrades it to be more powerful.)

2. Heat Pierce – "This creates a wall of fire across the firing range". (Shoots a line straight ahead or sideways if pressing left or right at the same time. Maximum level upgrades to 3 lines.) *

3. Brave Chariot – "This spreads wings that extinguish enemy shots". (Wings will erupt from the front of your ship, cancelling enemy bullets, you can use this attack to damage enemies too. Maximum level upgrades the wings to be bigger in size.) *


http://i825.photobucket.com/albums/zz179/NeoStrayCat/Forum%20Essential/Kei_zpszyt4c6x7.pngKei Percival/Valkyrie Lance – "This ship was created to be the fastest." Main Shot: Linear / Elemental Shot Weapons: Wind / Elemental Burst: Circular Eternal Wind


1. Eternal Wind – "These fire shots that track the enemy". (Shoots slow wind cutter shots from both sides. Maximum level upgrades to more cutters and faster tracking.)

2. Aerial Dance – "This creates a vortex with multiple winds". (Fires 3 small vortexes out of thin air, does not do much damage, but best for popcorn enemies. Maximum level upgrades it to have 8 vortexes, bigger and powerful.) *

3. Tempest Willow – "This mows down shots fired with tornadoes". (This fires a tornado straight ahead and can be altered to move in any direction, this can also defect bullets. Maximum level upgrades it to be bigger and powerful.)


http://i825.photobucket.com/albums/zz179/NeoStrayCat/Forum%20Essential/Maria_zpsrwssvw5z.pngMaria Therese Bloomfield/Lightning Justitia – "This ship was created mainly for back-up. Although it is an overall balanced weapon, its power is not particularly outstanding." Main Shot: Wide / Elemental Shot Weapons: Wind / Elemental Burst: Raindrops of Light


1. Telus Rage – "This shoots lasers from three tails". (Shoots 3 small lasers that can track enemies. Maximum level upgrades it to be bigger and powerful.)

2. Horizon Jihad – "This fires from its configured position". (Shoots a slow, but steady 3 way spread shot that you can move in any direction to change its course of attack. Maximum level upgrades it to a 5 way spread and shoots faster.) *

3. Twilight Sanctuary – "This scatters shots that will extinguish enemy shots". (This bullet canceler will only deflect bullets that come in contact within the circle,can be used as a weapon too. Maximum level upgrades it to be bigger in radius and faster.) *

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http://i825.photobucket.com/albums/zz179/NeoStrayCat/Forum%20Essential/Sophia_zpsr3xecxoq.pngSophia Fulcanelli/Howl Loreley (DLC) – "As it was merged with the powerful Sophia, the amount of Elemental Shot is can release is tremendous." Main Shot: Linear / Elemental Shot Weapons: Water / Elemental Burst: Circular Water Gatling


1. Water Gatling – "This fires shots that will inflict damage after a certain amount of time after contact". (Fires linear shots that also leave small circles for additional damage. Maximum level upgrades it to be faster and more wide spread.)

2. Mercuric Bind – "This fires a laser that will entangle the enemy". (This is a tracking laser that is reminiscent of the Raiden series, this will also hit multiple enemies once used. Maximum level makes it bigger and stronger.)

3. Acid Reaction – "This forms a barrier shield against enemy shots. Also, when used to defend against a normal shot, the ES is restored". (This weapon can and will deflect all enemy bullets, including ones that can’t be canceled out of. The exceptions among this are certain boss attacks that aren’t bullets however. Maximum level upgrades it to have a wider radius and lasts a little while longer. Can also be used to attack, but damage is consistent.) *


http://i825.photobucket.com/albums/zz179/NeoStrayCat/Forum%20Essential/Lilith_zpsecnajql2.pngNightmare of the Lilith/Crawling Grudge (DLC) – "This ship was built only to destroy, so maneuvering is extremely difficult." Main Shot: Laser / Elemental Shot Weapons: Dark / Elemental Burst: Needle Spray


1. Phantom Glaive – "This fires an enormous amount of shots straight ahead." (Fires slow wide shots that can be used to take down popcorn enemies quick. Maximum level upgrades it to be faster.)

2. Necrosis Witch – "This fires at an upward angle from the left and right". (Fires a slow dual bullet line from both sides, good for crowd control. Maximum level upgrades it to be fast with 3 dual lines.)*

3. Parasitic Gemini – "This swings a whip that destroys enemy shots". * (This shoots out a slow, but dual laser whip from the left and right sides which alternates, can also deflect bullets. Maximum level upgrades it to be faster and way longer.)


http://i825.photobucket.com/albums/zz179/NeoStrayCat/Forum%20Essential/Caladrius_zpsjzv9gq6r.pngCaladrius/Golden Phoenix (Unlockable) – "As the Goddesses’ agent, it possesses power that exceeds all others." Main Shot: Tracking / Elemental Shot Weapons: Light / Elemental Burst: Stop Time


1. Divine Bash – "This gives the option to pursue a player vehicle and fire laser shots". (Fires a slow but powerful laser shot more or less similar to “Flame Chivalry”. Maximum level upgrades to about 4 lasers that can be moved sporadically, also more powerful and faster.) *

2. Angelic Counter – "This spreads wings that deflect enemy shots". (Fires 4 golden wings that can be used as an attack and can deflect enemy bullets back at them for additional damage. Maximum level upgrades to lots more wings, faster and more powerful.) *

3. Sacred Pile - "This fires short-distance light shots that extinguish enemy fire straight ahead". (Fires a slow but steady scattered spread that deflects bullets, but only straight from your ship. Maximum level upgrades to be more fast and stronger, although unfortunately, this weapon has a high risk/reward to use this properly, as it does maximum damage when up close to an enemy, and less damage when far.)



Part 1: Startup

First off, you'll start the game with the gimmie achievement. And then right after, your adventure begins. Play as all 3 characters and clear them, and Caladrius is unlocked, not only that, but also an option to customize your elemental shots, which will be very useful later on. Here's what you should unlock during that time.


  • The Road to Take
  • Land of Quakes
  • Lightning Shower
  • Abyssal Darkness
  • Skies Under Domination
  • Degenerating Light
  • The Princess’ Modesty
  • The Pursuer’s Uniform
  • The Songstress’ Costume
  • Uniform of Nobles
  • The King’s Ceremonial Robes
  • The Victorious Knight
  • The Victorious Sorcerer
  • The Victorious Holy Woman
  • The Victorious Phoenix
  • A Knight’s Shame
  • The Sorcerer’s Humiliation
  • The Holy Woman’s Hesitation
  • Replenishing Reserves
  • Battle Power Enhancement
  • Small Signpost
  • Glowing Signpost
  • Signpost in the Distance

Part 2: Miscellaneous

Alright, once you get the hang of things, you'll get through the next set of achievements, which will test you in objectives and other things. If you do well, here's what you'll earn.


  • Despair from the Underworld
  • An Unusual Beauty
  • Violent Surges
  • I Cannot Fight You
  • Seeker of the Soul
  • Exposed Treasure
  • Wings of Crimson Flame
  • Wings of Gale Winds
  • Wings of Bright Earth
  • Wings of the Phoenix
  • The Great Flame Sorcerer
  • The Great Wind Sorcerer
  • The Great Earth Sorcerer
  • The Great Light Sorcerer
  • The Legendary Knight
  • The Legendary Sorcerer
  • The Legendary Holy Woman
  • The Legendary Phoenix
  • A Battletested Hero

Part 3: Cleanup

Alright, the last sets of achievements will test your patience for grinds and also to clear the game without losing a life, if you are able to do them, then congratulations, here's what the rest of the achievements that you'll earn in the last step.


  • Basking in Glory
  • Art Appreciation
  • Accumulating Power
  • Crash King

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http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/2592/28.jpgThe Road to Take - 5:gsicon:

Enter(ed) Game Menu for the first time.


First gimmie achievement as soon as you start the game.


http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/2592/1.jpgLand of Quakes - 5:gsicon:

Crush the Stage 1 boss! (Story Mode, Solo Play, No timeout) / The Stage 1 Boss is crushed!


See: Degenerating Light


http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/2592/2.jpgLightning Shower - 10:gsicon:

Crush the Stage 2 boss! (Story Mode, Solo Play, No timeout) / The Stage 2 Boss is crushed!


See: Degenerating Light


http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/2592/3.jpgAbyssal Darkness - 15:gsicon:

Crush the Stage 3 boss! (Story Mode, Solo Play, No timeout) / The Stage 3 Boss is crushed!


See: Degenerating Light


http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/2592/4.jpgSkies Under Domination - 20:gsicon:

Crush the Stage 4 boss! (Story Mode, Solo Play, No timeout) / The Stage 4 Boss is crushed!


See: Degenerating Light


http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/2592/5.jpgDegenerating Light - 25:gsicon:

Crush the Stage 5 boss! (Story Mode, Solo Play, No timeout) / The Stage 5 Boss is crushed!


Easily done in Practice difficulty, just defeat all of the bosses with either your standard or elemental shots. You can also bomb them if you like; defeating them without taking a long while will earn you these achievements. And if done quickly, the Shame Break ones mentioned down below.


http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/2592/7.jpgThe Princess’ Modesty - 10:gsicon:

Witness(ed) all of Iris’ Shame Breaks! (Story Mode, Solo Play)


See: The King’s Ceremonial Robes


http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/2592/8.jpgThe Pursuer’s Uniform - 10:gsicon:

Witness(ed) all of Eleanor’s Shame Breaks! (Story Mode, Solo Play)


See: The King’s Ceremonial Robes


http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/2592/9.jpgThe Songstress’ Costume - 15:gsicon:

Witness(ed) all of Milia’s Shame Breaks! (Story Mode, Solo Play)


See: The King’s Ceremonial Robes


http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/2592/10.jpgUniform of Nobles - 15:gsicon:

Witness(ed) all of Islay’s Shame Breaks! (Story Mode, Solo Play)


See: The King’s Ceremonial Robes


http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/2592/11.jpgThe King’s Ceremonial Robes - 20:gsicon:

Witness(ed) all of Graham’s Shame Breaks! (Story Mode, Solo Play)


Boss Shame Breaks can be done if you drain out each life phase from bosses, which there are 3 each and they must be beaten as quickly as possible (around 30 seconds for each life phase), use your characters Elemental Shots or use a bomb in the right moment if necessary to take them out fast, doing so will earn you the Shame Break Achievements. You’ll know if you got this if you see the bosses art change from time to time and with parts of their clothes torn out. Best done in Practice Difficulty.


http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/2592/13.jpgThe Victorious Knight - 10:gsicon:

Clear as Alex. (Story Mode 1 Begins, Solo, Very Easy and higher, No Damage mode off) / Finished the game as Alex!


Simply clear the game as each and every character starting from Alex to Caladrius (DLC characters excluded); although, you’ll have to play this starting from Very Easy as there will be bullets you can mostly shoot out of.


http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/2592/14.jpgThe Legendary Knight - 30:gsicon:

Clear as Alex without continues. (Story Mode 1 Begins, Solo, Easy and higher, No Damage mode off) / Achieved No Continue Clear as Alex!


Set Lives and Bombs to 5, and use this custom ES setup…

Without DLC: Any offensive shot, Angelic Counter, and Tempest Willow

With DLC: Parasitic Gemeni, Acid Reaction, and Tempest Willow


Use these along to your advantage and tread carefully, since majority of these weapons will cancel bullets out or reflect them back, use bombs if necessary too. Progressively earn lives and bombs throughout the playthrough as well and you’ll remain victorious. Just be careful of the Stage 6 blue ship enemies that will constantly fire before fighting the boss.


http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/2592/15.jpgThe Victorious Sorcerer - 10:gsicon:

Clear as Kei. (Story Mode 1 Begins, Solo, Very Easy and higher, No Damage mode off) / Finished the game as Kei!


See: The Victorious Knight


http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/2592/16.jpgThe Legendary Sorcerer - 30:gsicon:

Clear as Kei without continues. (Story Mode 1 Begins, Solo, Easy and higher, No Damage mode off) / Achieved No Continue Clear as Kei!


See: The Legendary Knight


http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/2592/17.jpgThe Victorious Holy Woman - 10:gsicon:

Clear as Maria. (Story Mode 1 Begins, Solo, Very Easy and higher, No Damage mode off) / Finished the game as Maria!


See: The Victorious Knight


http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/2592/18.jpgThe Legendary Holy Woman - 30:gsicon:

Clear as Maria without continues. (Story Mode 1 Begins, Solo, Easy and higher, No Damage mode off) / Achieved No Continue Clear as Maria!


See: The Legendary Knight


http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/2592/21.jpgWings of Crimson Flame - 10:gsicon:

Play(ed) Story Mode 10 times as Sword Ifurita. (Story Mode Screen 1 Begins, Solo Play)


Simply set the lives at one and crash into an oncoming enemy in Stage 1. Do not continue and it’ll take you to the main menu. Do this 9 more times to get the achievement. You’ll have to do this for Alex, Kei, Maria, and Caladrius.


http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/2592/22.jpgWings of Gale Winds - 10:gsicon:

Play(ed) Story Mode 10 times as Valkyrie Lance. (Story Mode Screen 1 Begins, Solo Play)


See: Wings of Crimson Flame


http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/2592/23.jpgWings of Bright Earth - 10:gsicon:

Played Story Mode 10 times as Lightning Justitia. (Story Mode Screen 1 Begins, Solo Play)


See: Wings of Crimson Flame

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http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/2592/25.jpgA Knight’s Shame - 5:gsicon:

Witness(ed) all of Alex’s Shame Breaks! (Story Mode, Solo Play)


Shame breaks for Player Characters can happen once you earn a multiplier rate of about (x1.80), once you reach it, lose a life, and your character will have changed art as well as some clothing torn, do it again, and you’ll unlock it. Do this for all 3 starting characters (Caladrius/Sophia/Lilith are excluded. Shame breaks however will increase your firepower slightly, if breaked once, and then twice, though resets after a continue.)


http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/2592/27.jpgThe Sorcerer’s Humiliation - 5:gsicon:

Witness(ed) all of Kei’s Shame Breaks! (Story Mode, Solo Play)


See: A Knight’s Shame


http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/2592/99.jpgThe Holy Woman’s Hesitation - 5:gsicon:

Witness(ed) all of Maria’s Shame Breaks. (Story Mode, Solo Play)


See: A Knight’s Shame


http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/2592/29.jpgReplenishing Reserves - 20:gsicon:

Acquire(d) a 1UP Item! (Story Mode, Solo Play)


At any time during a playthrough, grab nine (purple) 1UP chips that comes down from the screen by destroying certain enemies, once that happens, a grimoire will appear, touch it go earn an extra life and the achievement, the earliest you can get this is within Stage 2.


http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/2592/30.jpgBattle Power Enhancement - 20:gsicon:

Increase bombs by extending your Score / Score extended high enough to obtain a bomb!(Story Mode, Solo Play)


You’ll earn your first bomb once your reach 3,000,000 points. Earliest your earn it is within Stage 1 with a high rate multiplier after defeating the boss.


http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/2592/31.jpgSmall Signpost - 10:gsicon:

Score breaks/broke through 5,000,000 points. (Story Mode, Solo Play)


See: Signpost in the Distance


http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/2592/32.jpgGlowing Signpost - 30:gsicon:

Score breaks/broke through 8,000,000 points. (Story Mode, Solo Play)


See: Signpost in the Distance


http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/2592/33.jpgSignpost in the Distance - 60:gsicon:

Score breaks/broke through 10,000,000 points. (Story Mode, Solo Play)


Easily done in Practice difficulty, increase your rate multiplier by using your elemental shots so that you can score higher, you’ll mostly get them all by around stage 3 or later.


http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/2592/34.jpgA Battletested Hero - 50:gsicon:

Defeat(ed) every boss in Boss Rush mode. (Screen 1 Begins, Solo Play, Easy and higher, No Damage mode off)


Boss Rush mode is unlocked after clearing Story Mode once, but the best idea for this one is to continue the game in Story Mode so that you don’t have to face the Stage 6 (True Last/Final) Boss. Boss Rush mode, true to its name, is to take down all of the bosses from Stages 1 through 5 (6 unless you played the last stage). Although if you did get Stage 6 unlocked, you can do this. (You can have lives/bombs set to 5.)


Select Caladrius with these 3 custom ES’s.

Without DLC: 1. Divine Bash, 2. Angelic Counter, 3. Tempest Willow

With DLC: 1. Parasitic Gemini, 2. Acid Reaction, 3. Tempest Willow.


http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/2592/35.jpgArt Appreciation - 80:gsicon:

Unlock(ed) all the gallery images!


To unlock all of the Gallery images, you must…(Excluding DLC characters)


1. Play as Alex, Kei, Maria, and Caladrius and complete their Story Modes.

2. Witness all of Alex, Kei, and Maria’s Shame Breaks. (Can be done in any mode)

3. Defeat all of the bosses and get all of their shame breaks.

4. Clear each level without losing a life (easier done in Practice difficulty)

5. Clear the game again in either Syncro/Dual once. (Easier in Syncro+Practice, since Dual requires a 2nd controller.)


http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/2592/36.jpgI Cannot Fight You - 15:gsicon:

Let time run out and end all phases of the fight between Alex and Islay. / Time has run out and all phases of the fight between Alex and Islay are over. (Story Mode, Solo Play)


Simply play this on Practice difficulty, once you reach Islay as the Stage 4 boss with Alex, do not press any button and wait it out, it’ll take about 2+ minutes for the boss to destroy itself.


http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/2592/37.jpgAccumulating Power - 20:gsicon:

Acquire(d) a total of 1000 ether chips! (Story Mode, Solo Play)


This is and will be practically one of the last achievements your earn, if unless you may or may not have gotten “Basking in Glory” beforehand, either way, getting ether chips is as simple as using your elemental attacks to fuel a gauge with every successful attack/use which rises up slowly, you’ll earn 1 ether chip each time it reaches the top, and then repeat the process again, these are used to power up your elemental attacks throughout the game. Defeating bosses however gives you 1 extra ether chip.


Each playthough in Practice difficulty will give you about 30+ ether chips if you use the following Custom ES. (You can change them if necessary to find the best style to gain ether chips.)

1. Eternal Wind, 2. Telus Rage, 3. Tempest Willow


http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/2592/38.jpgViolent Surges - 10:gsicon:

Use(d) a bomb 50 times. (Story Mode, Solo Play)


Press :rtbut: to use a bomb, you’ll end up getting this naturally during gameplay once you do this 50 times.


http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/2592/39.jpgBasking in Glory - 100:gsicon:

Clear(ed) all stages without a miss! (Story Mode 1 Begins, Solo, Easy and higher, No Damage mode off)


As with the achievement “The Legendary Knight” (and its counterparts), this requires you to not lose a life the entire game, yeah, I know this may sound difficult, but with practice, you’ll get it, and as with said achievement, use the same custom ES mentioned from that achievement. And it will be easier with DLC weapons since Parasitic Gemini and Tempest Willow can cancel bullets across your movement, while Acid Reaction will cancel all bullets, even the ones you can’t cancel with other bullet canceler weapons (except for certain boss attacks that aren’t bullets however.) This will help greatly in Stage 6, since those blue arrow shots can only be negated by Acid Reaction, as the stage is a bit harder without it.


Anyways, use Caladrius as your character/ship, since its main homing shots are powerful enough to say the least as a last resort, stock the bombs to 5, and be careful of hazards, such as the walls on stage 4, and do not collide with any aerial enemies, this may also include bosses too. Do well and you’ll get the achievement proudly. (Note: Restarting stages does not work, as this has to be done in 1 entire run carefully.)

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http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/2592/40.jpgSeeker of the Soul - 50:gsicon:

Play(ed) through the game one time and acquired every 1UP chip! (Story Mode Screen 1 Begins, Solo Play)


There are 36 1UP chips in the entire game, and getting all of them might take some practice. You’ll have to go through all 6 stages to get them, just shoot everyone in your way, as the 1UP chips will appear from big enemies, a mob of small enemies, or some stationary ones. If in case you may have missed one in a stage, restart and try again, as this will not disable the achievement however, anyways, here are the triggers in which the 1UP should appear. Best done in Practice Difficulty.


Stage 2: Before the boss fight with the last big enemy.

Stage 3: Use the Elemental Shots on the boss’s scythe.

Stage 5: Right before you go inside the gates of the castle before the gates explode.

Stage 6: One of the last stationary enemies before fighting the True Last Boss.


http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/2592/41.jpgThe Great Flame Sorcerer - 15:gsicon:

Use(d) up every type of flame elemental shot, at every level. (Story Mode, Solo Play)


Best done in Practice difficulty, but can be done at anytime as well, as you gain ether chips, start from Stage 1 and use the Lv.1 ES attacks (all 3 of them each), go through each stage and level them up accordingly (Lv.2, Lv.3 and so on until you reach the max of Level 7.) Of course, you won’t get to use all the levels in 1 run due to being only 6 stages to work with. Once you clear it, use that character again, go through Stage 6 and use all the ether chips to use the ES levels you miss out on. Do that and it unlocks the achievement. (Or simply, if you forgot, just play St.6, use all the ether chips to max for all levels, perform each attacks, exit out of the game, restart and repeat the process lowering down from Lv. 7 to Lv. 2 if necessary.)


http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/2592/42.jpgThe Great Wind Sorcerer - 15:gsicon:

Use(d) up every type of wind elemental shot, at every level. (Story Mode, Solo Play)


See: The Great Flame Sorcerer


http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/2592/43.jpgThe Great Earth Sorcerer - 15:gsicon:

Use(d) up every type of earth elemental shot, at every level. (Story Mode, Solo Play)


See: The Great Flame Sorcerer


http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/2592/45.jpgExposed Treasure - 50:gsicon:

Find and Destroy every Sol Tower! / Destroyed every Sol tower! (Story Mode, Solo Play)


There are 5 Sol Towers in the entire game (Stage 4 does not have one as it takes place in the sky), Here are all the locations. Note: In order to make it rise, you’ll have to stand a few feet away from it while not moving, if done correctly, it will come up and you can shoot it for a random amount of points (50,000-200,000). In case you can’t get them to rise and miss them, you can restart the stage(s) over and over until you get them all and trigger them.


Stage 1: Right after you see a big aerial ship come by, there will be a tower on the top left right next to some tanks.

Stage 2: Right before you face the Stage 2 boss, there will be 1 last big enemy that will fire lots of bullets in rotation; the tower will be in the bottom right.

Stage 3: Around the middle part of the stage, there will be 2 tower enemies spaced out that will shoot in an “X” style formation; the tower will be on the right side enemy next to it.

Stage 5: Before you decent into the abyss, the tower is seen on the top left right after the king’s throne.

Stage 6: The final tower is in the left side of the land, right before you fight the true last boss, it will be plainly visible.


Or...Here's a vid that will show you the Sol Tower locations, along with all the 1UP chips as well. (Credit: Nisiyason)


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7mz1sJE3yg0]Caladrius カラドリウス 全欠片・ソル - YouTube[/ame]


http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/2592/46.jpgCrash King - 10:gsicon:

Player’s character is/was destroyed 300 times. (Story Mode, Solo Play)


You’ll probably earn this naturally, but if not yet within earning other already unlocked achievements, simply get hit from bullets or crash into an aerial enemy or Boss, do this 300 times and it’ll unlock. (Note: You’ll end up seeing the continue screens constantly, so don’t worry about it, this does not work if no damage is on within enemy bullets hitting you 300 times, I’ve tried.)

Secret Achievements:

http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/2592/6.jpgDespair from the Underworld - 30:gsicon:

Crush the Stage 6 boss! /The Real Boss is crushed!


See: Degenerating Light (Beelzebub is the Stage 6 [True Final/Last] boss, which can be fought if you play the entire game without continuing up to Stage 5 after defeating Graham. Stage 6 will unlock if you do well.)


http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/2592/12.jpgAn Unusual Beauty - 30:gsicon:

Witness(ed) all of Beelzebub’s Shame Breaks!


See: The King’s Ceremonial Robes


http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/2592/19.jpgThe Victorious Phoenix - 10:gsicon:

Finished the game as Caladrius!


See: The Victorious Knight (Caladrius is an unlockable character once you complete the game with all 3 starting characters [Alex/Kei/Maria])


http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/2592/20.jpgThe Legendary Phoenix - 30:gsicon:

Achieved No Continue Clear as Caladrius!


See: The Legendary Knight


http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/2592/24.jpgWings of the Phoenix -10:gsicon:

Play(ed) Story Mode 10 times as Caladrius.


See: See: Wings of Crimson Flame


http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/2592/44.jpgThe Great Light Sorcerer -15:gsicon:

Use(d) up every type of light elemental shot, at every level.


See: The Great Flame Sorcerer

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Any plans to submit this guide to the main site? :think:
Soon, Noid, soon, just like yours over at PST, I'd rather make sure everything is typo free and it looks presentable, I'll try and submit it over the weekend when I get the chance! :francis:


Make that over the weekend, ugh, things do and don't sometimes go as planned. >_>

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This guide/roadmap has been copied over to the Greenbook. This means that it is unfinished/unready to be published, and anybody is welcome to sign up to finish it off!

Each guide will have a brief paragraph describing what is needed to get it done and published.


If you can, please help us get this guide published to the site, and get your name eternally imprinted on the site!


If you are the OP, this doesn't mean you can't finish it off on your own, do that and we will remove it from the Greenbook :)


More information on Greenbook practices can be found in the Greenbook FAQ, here.

Sign up here! Now!

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