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Can't Buy Mallard (Single Player)

Fire Mage

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Alright, so apparently I can't buy any proper plane.


I just went and tried to buy the Duster to see what would happen. It deducts the exact price for the Duster, then when I get the email, it tells me that my Shamal has been delivered.






Original Post:

Well, guess I won't ever be able to buy a Mallard considering the game won't get any more updates.


Not sure if this happens to anybody else, but I bought a hangar at the Los Santos Airport for Michael, and got the email confirmation and everything.


Shortly after, I bought a Mallard online (and the 1 million+ deducts from my account and I see the confirmation page!). After sleeping a few times, I check my email, and it tells me that my Frogger was delivered to my helipad.




So I go to the airport and nothing's in the hangar. I go to the helipad, and a Frogger isn't there either.


I reloaded my save, and tried buying the Mallard again. Same thing happens...

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