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What's the point in buying Season Pass?


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This is NOT a thread questioning the existence of season passes.


Normally, when it comes to episodic games, the season passes are released at the time of the first episode. Usually, they are to entice us, the customer, to give the developer money before any of the future episodes are released. This normally comes with a "perk" of buying them all and getting a few bucks off in the process.


Having said that, the Season Pass for Minecraft Story Mode is $20, but you'll have to buy the $5 first episode first. So, basically, you get zero discount. Lame.

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Since there is nothing in the 360 forum, I'll state this here. The first episode is $4.99 and the Season Pass is $19.99 for the other 4 episodes. So technically, the Season Pass more expensive than buying the episodes one at a time, assuming they are all $4.99. Granted it's only $.03, but I can't even see how they think this will go over well.

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