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Looking for some Xbox 360 Friends? Post your GT Here!


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bplayak edit:


Did you come to XBA looking for some great community members to put on your Xbox 360 friends list? Post your Gamertag here and some relevant information about the type of people you are looking to add to your friends list! Don't forget to mention in those friend requests that you are from XBA ;)

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Hey guys, just wondering if anyone would mind adding me? I've had the 360 for around a month or so now and only have about five Xbox Live friends! :confused: I like playing Halo 3, Medal of Honor:Airbourne, PES:2008 and any other games on my gaming tag! Im not a 'serious' gamer as im new to this, but I am enjoying myself and hope to carry on playing and buying more games.

Hope to hear from some of you soon.



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Ryan, don't add Xterm1n8or, he'll get a bit close to your exhaust pipe :p Nah just joking nice guy, hopefully you get COD4 soon mate.


:eek: I'll never forget this Baxinator. Don't FR Bax he has tendencies to throw grenades in/up all the wrong places :p Just kidding.


Invite me when you are playing COD we'll try and get some other guys in, like you said Bax you really wanted to play with jdm don't ya so we'll do that if possible. Fingers crossed.


Oh and i'll add you Yankee if you don't mind.

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