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I need 3 player to unlock this achievement I change the region of the servers to Asia and put endor swap map I'm online right now my gt is John heart please ms for me inv the method is the player unlocking the achevo kill like 5 -10 kills then let the timer runs out and we repeat process for the other 3 players can unlock it too

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Still looking for a uk player to do the co op missions with. Message me on xbox live or on here. I am usually free after 7pm work days. Desperate to get rid of this game. Find the mp pathetic, tedious, a chore and boring and a complete rip off so achievement hunting is one way to get my moneys worth.





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Looking to boost the following:



  • Stay on target
  • In a galaxy far, far away... (one game of Hero Hunt)
  • Playing the objective


Also, whilst not as urgent, still need to do:



  • Precision shot
  • That got him!
  • Walker defender
  • Stay on target
  • Crush them with one swift stroke...



GT: Zissou10

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