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Achievement unlocked but points not added to total gamerscore - Solution?


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Hello fellow gamers.


I have a bit of a problem and after being in contact with the pretty useless Xbox Live support I thought I should instead ask people over here. :)


So, I unlocked an achievement through GFWL (Street Fighter x Tekken) yesterday and today I noticed that the gamerscore had not been updated. The achievement most certainly has been unlocked though. Also when I checked through the GFWL interface the "Streetfighter X Tekken" list had been updated but the "All Games" list had not. :confused:




So clearly something has gone wrong here. When I contacted support they tried to send me to TA. When I told them that it is a tracking site they just said that it basically wasn't their problem since GFWL is discontinued and said I should call Steam or Capcom. :mad:


So, what I wanted to ask you guys is simply. What should I do? Is there any way to get someone to fix the gamerscore or am I screwed? Getting in contact with Steam or Capcom just sounds absolutely stupid to me.


Update: So luckily for me the gamerscore fixed itself after about two days. Not sure how it happened but it did.

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