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Completely Stuck in the Future - can anybody help me?!

the action frampton

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I have come across a problem, and I cannot find a solution online. Either I'm a complete idiot, or it is a game breaking bug... Hopefully it's the former.


I am currently in New Repugia, but I did not activate the quest 'Sadie's Speakeady Deliveries' quest, nor 'Blob's Speakesdy Deleveries' quest, and therefore do not have the password to enter the Speakeady in the West of the sewer. And I can't find a way to get back to Sadie's or Blob's Speakeasy, as the rope in the sewer you cross with the Pararoh appears to be one way (east to west). I also cannot get the Grubbin Elder to give me the 'Let's make a Deal' quest, probably because I have missed some of the earlier quests...


So, I believe that unless I can get back to the east side of the sewer somehow, then I can't progress, will have to start over. Does anyone know if this is possible, or have I found a game breaking big?


Cheers guys.

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