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Achievement hasn't unlocked (Not even saying Done!... Unlocking)


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So I've started Thief and completed the Prologue which should unlock a secret achievement. Except it's not. When I go to view achievements it says 100% next to the secret achievement but nothing else.


It doesn't even say 'Done!... Unlocking'


How do I fix this as usually it'd say Unlocking and unlock at a later date but it doesn't even say that.

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my achievements haven't even been popping recently, just the odd one and i have all notifications turned on, so i should really be getting them... annoying really.


Oh thank Christ. It wasn't just me. I was just about to come on and make this very thread about achievements not unlocking on the console, but they'll read as unlocked in the achievements app. It seems like this is a system bug. I wonder if Microsoft knows about it.

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