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Vault 75


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So I was hunting for Bobbleheads and got into Vault 75, found the bobblehead and eplored what I believe to be everywhere in that vault. But, in my Quests (under Data) it still has "Vault 75 - Explore Admin area".


I have been all over down there and have no idea what they want me to do.


Any ideas?


Been a while, but I think the bobblehead is in the Science Lab area, so it is possible to get the stupid bobblehead (bobblehead and close to metal perks don't stack, so getting it only helped with achievement and gave me no other bonus) and still not have explored the admin area.


To explore the admin area you need to get the admin pass from the science wing, and then explore the admin area. The overseer's office and bedroom are here - with a magazine on or near their bed. so If you have been there and you still have the misc objective, its glitched. (something similar happened to me with the insane asylum, and the wanted poster in diamond city)

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That whole area has issues. I personally have the glitch where the quest doesn't trigger and the enemies don't drop the keycard so I can't get the Bobblehead. Been waiting for a patch for over a month. Eventually I may just start reloading saves and traveling to the vault until it triggers. People believe it is an item in your inventory that causes the issue but that's not confirmed.

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