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Red Faction DRM


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Hello everyone,


I just purchased a brand new and sealed copy of this game online, and after installing it, entering the serial key and my email address in, I keep getting a message saying there's been a problem activating Red Faction. The key hasn't been used, so that's not it, and I was really hoping to play this version for the achievements. Is there a fix that anyone knows of possibly? Thank you very much.

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Are the servers required for anything? And is it possible the servers are now shutdown?


Thank you for the quick response! I'm actually not sure since the DRM prompt box pops up before I can even start the game, and without entering in my key and address successfully I can't even play.


With the help of another user for Arkham City's DRM, there was a trick to set your PC clock back a few years to get the DRM to work. I tried that and had no luck with this game and was hoping there was another workaround so I can play through the campaign. Thanks again though!

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