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Dark Souls Best tactics?

FuzzyKitty OwO

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So I hate the idea of playing only as a really big and strong knight or something. I have a chacter build that is kind of mixed and was my first playthrough. Any tips on what I should grab or what actions I should do more. The game is really really hard even with my lightweight character.


I played as a warrior/knight for several playthroughs. Nothing wrong with that. Yet, it is strongly, strongly recommended to fully upgrade the Pyromancy Glove to start using Pyromancy. It doesn't require any points into Faith or Intelligence and you can have access to some long-ranged magic attacks now.


If you need to farm souls, the Darkroot Garden is a very good early spot for that. Keep killing those few human enemies there. After reaching Anor Londor, find that giant painting to enter the portrait world. There is also a great soul farming spot there.


Afterward, when both Strength and Dexterity hit 50, investing points into Faith or Intelligence is a good idea. I managed to boost Faith to 50 to use the Sunlight blade and Great Lightning Spear. They can be of great help in some boss fights.

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