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Achievement Guide & Roadmap

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-This guide is written and created for the sole purpose of XBA; if you want to put this information on another site then please ask first.



- Estimated achievement difficulty:3/10

- Offline: 44 [980:gsicon:]

- Online: 1 [20:gsicon:]

- Approximate amount of time to 1000:gsicon:: 20 Hours

- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1

- Missable achievements: 1

- Does difficulty affect achievements: No

- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: None

- Extra equipment needed: XBL Connection for Co-op


Introduction: Messing with ouji board is bad news, especially when it actually links to hell. The fun and games are over since The Boss has been dragged to hell. Now its up the birthday girl Kinzie and the man himself Johnny Gat to shoot in Satan in the face, and bring the boss back home.


Step 1: You can complete this whole game on casual difficulty if you wish to make this as easy as possible. During this step you will complete a handful of story missions until you receive the demonic powers. At this point you should work on recruiting your allies right away to get all your base powers, and then work on acitivities & diversions.


I also went out of my way to collect a a chunk of soul clusters to upgrade the flight ability so that moving around Hell was a lot easier.


Step 2: Activities/Diversions and Collect Weapons


Go ahead and knock out all of the activities and diversions. There are Torment Fraud, Hellbazing, and Salvation for activities. Then Altars, Survivals, Extraction Facilities, Spires, and Pledge Rushes.


Also this would be a good time to collect all the different weapons in the game. There are 7 special weapons that bear association with the 7 deadly sins. Plus several other more standard (and not standard) weapons. You will need them all fora large chunk of the challenges.


Step 3: Shoot Satan in the face


You can realistically do this whenever you want after it comes up. It would be best for saving it for later so that you have more upgrades and better weapons. Which would minimize the effort required during the fight.


Step 4: Challenges


There are challenges for almost anything you can think of in this game. You will need to use every weapon and power a little bit. Some of them will require the ultimate upgrade and some of them won't. It will specify on the challenge if you do need it. There are 101 challenges to complete, some of them are milestones for completing X number of challenges which will come naturally while progressing through the rest of the challenges




This game is relatively easy, not that long, and only has one achievement that could prove to be a nuisance. The most taxing thing is grinding challenges, but it's not even that long of one. If you managed to get your completion, congrats! If you're just starting out, have fun!

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http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3209/97198-lo.jpg ...Double-Hockey-Sticks 200:gsicon:

Conquer all of New Hades with 100% City Take Over


You will need to clear all activities and do all diversions (minus finding all Barnstorming) None of these are hard especially after upgrading your abilities and weapons.



  • 8 Hellblazing
  • 3 Salvation
  • 3 Mayhem


  • 3 Pledge Rushes
  • 5 Marshalling Grounds
  • 4 Extraction Facilities
  • 13 Survival
  • 26 Spires
  • 8 Altars


After completing each of these you will then need to beat Satan in order to unlock this achievement. Refer to Satan Punchers for more info on beating Satan.


http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3209/97199-lo.jpg ...My Dear Watson 20:gsicon:

Choose a new element for all of your Supernatural Powers


After you have each "element" of each power cycle through your powers with the d-pad. Let it go through the animation and then switch to the next one.


http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3209/97200-lo.jpg Are You Crazy? 10:gsicon:

Get a Comet into the Ultor lobby


The comet is a crappy little white car in the game. Get one, don't light it on fire, drive it to the Ultor building, get & open 2 doors, and then drive it through into the lobby. Looks like this: http://blog-imgs-81.fc2.com/m/i/m/mimipikotorte/srg_comet_1.jpg


http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3209/97201-lo.jpg Barn Burner 10:gsicon:

Find 75 Barnstorming Diversion locations


Barnstorming is when you fly through a varity of gaps in the game. You will likely find a handful plus some just flying around getting stuff done, but you likely won't find 75 that way. There are large number of arches on the lower western island. You will also get a fair bit of random barnstorming locations doing the Hellblazing activities.


http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3209/97202-lo.jpg Cluster Luck 10:gsicon:

Collect at least five Soul Clusters without touching the ground


This should come with collecting all the soul clusters you need, its fairly easy to do accidentially while collecting soul clusters.



http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3209/97203-lo.jpg Double Trouble 20:gsicon:

Play Saints Row: Gat out of Hell Co-op for 3 hours


Find a buddy with the game or if you need to find someone check this thread:



Once you have someone, just spend 3 hours in game with them and the achievement will unlock. Menu time does not count.


http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3209/97204-lo.jpg Epic Flight Quest 20:gsicon:

Fly from the roof of Snowball's Chance to Sinterpol HQ's roof, without landing





http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3209/97205-lo.jpg Extra Crispy 10:gsicon:

Die in the lava


Jump in lava, let go of controller and you will die.



http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3209/97206-lo.jpg Fallen Angel 10:gsicon:

Get your first Supernatural Powers


After Dane gives you the Halo, there will be a short tutorial on collecting soul clusters and purchasing power upgrades. The achievement will unlock after you have purchased the upgrades and backed out of the menus and are back in the game.


http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3209/97207-lo.jpg Fell from Heaven 50:gsicon:

Purchase 113 Supernatural Power Upgrades


You will need every single soul cluster in the game. This includes all the collectible ones loose in the world and the sets of them you can buy from the upgrade menu. 220 of them are tied up in the purchases which cost 69,000.


Super Sprint

  • Shield - Reduced Damage [Lv 5][5 Soul Clusters]
  • Shield - Unstoppable [lv1][5 Soul Clusters]
  • Sprint - Efficiency [lv1][10 Soul Clusters]
  • Sprint - Efficiency 2 [lv4][10 Soul Clusters]
  • Sprint - Efficiency 3 [lv7][15 Soul Clusters]
  • Sprint - Haste [lv2] [5 Soul Clusters]
  • Sprint - Lava Running [lv4][5 Soul Clusters]
  • Sprint - Shield [lv2][10 Soul Clusters]
  • Sprint - Speed [lv 1][10 Soul Clusters]
  • Sprint - Speed 2 [lv3][10 Soul Clusters]
  • Sprint - Speed 3 [lv9][10 Soul Clusters]
  • Sprint - Unlimited Sprint [lv20][15 Soul Clusters]
  • Sprint - Wall Running [lv4][10 Soul Clusters]
  • Super Sprint [lv1][0 Soul Clusters]



  • Flight - Efficiency 1 [Lv 2][10 Soul Clusters]
  • Flight - Efficiency 2 [Lv 5]10 Soul Clusters]
  • Flight - Efficiency 3 [Lv 8][10 Soul Clusters]
  • Flight - Flap [Lv 1][5 Soul Clusters]
  • Flight - Flap 2 [Lv 1][10 Soul Clusters]
  • Flight - Flap 3 [Lv 3][10 Soul Clusters]
  • Flight - Flap 4 [Lv 5][10 Soul Clusters]
  • Flight - Flap 5 [Lv 7][10 Soul Clusters]
  • Flight - Hover [Lv 2][10 Soul Clusters]
  • Flight - Launching Jump [Lv 1][0 Soul Clusters]
  • Flight - Maneuvers [Lv 3][10 Soul Clusters]
  • Flight - Nimble [Lv 5][5 Soul Clusters]
  • Flight - Power [Lv 1][10 Soul Clusters]
  • Flight - Power 2 [Lv 4][10 Soul Clusters]
  • Flight - Stability [Lv 2][10 Soul Clusters]
  • Flight - Stamina Recovery [Lv 1][10 Soul Clusters]
  • Flight - Stamina Recovery 2 [Lv 5][10 Soul Clusters]
  • Flight - Stamina Recovery 3 [Lv 12][15 Soul Clusters]



  • Blast [lv1][0 Soul Clusters]
  • Blast - Area [lv3][10 Soul Clusters]
  • Blast - Area 2 [lv8][10 Soul Clusters]
  • Blast - Recharge [lv2][10 Soul Clusters]
  • Blast - Recharge 2 [lv6][10 Soul Clusters]
  • Blast - Recharge 3 [lv14][10 Soul Clusters]
  • Blast Element - Shadow [lv1][0 Soul Clusters]
  • Blast Element - Soul [lv1][0 Soul Clusters]
  • Blast Element - Stone [lv1][0 Soul Clusters]
  • Shadow Blast - Damage [lv5][10 Soul Clusters]
  • Shadow Blast - Damage 2 [lv8][10 Soul Clusters]
  • Shadow Blast - Damage 3 [lv11][10 Soul Clusters]
  • Shadow Blast - Duration [lv4][10 Soul Clusters]
  • Shadow Blast - Duration 2 [lv9][10 Soul Clusters]
  • Soul Blast - Chaining [lv4][10 Soul Clusters]
  • Soul Blast - Chaining 2 [lv10][10 Soul Clusters]
  • Soul Blast - Chaining 3 [lv15][10 Soul Clusters]
  • Soul Blast - Damage [lv11][10 Soul Clusters]
  • Soul Blast - Duration [lv5][10 Soul Clusters]
  • Stone Blast - Crumble [lv16][10 Soul Clusters]
  • Stone Blast - Damage Multiplier [lv3][10 Soul Clusters]
  • Stone Blast - Damage Multiplier 2 [lv6][10 Soul Clusters]
  • Stone Blast - Damage Multiplier 3 [lv17][10 Soul Clusters]
  • Stone Blast - Duration [lv7][10 Soul Clusters]



  • Explosive Summon [lv 0][10 Soul Clusters]
  • Imp Summon - Coldfire Imps [lv 13][10 Soul Clusters]
  • Imp Summon - Detonate [lv 7][15 Soul Clusters]
  • Imp Summon - More Imps [lv 2][10 Soul Clusters]
  • Imp Summon - More Imps 2 [lv 4][10 Soul Clusters]
  • Imp Summon - More Imps 3 [lv 9][10 Soul Clusters]
  • Summon - Recharge [lv 2][10 Soul Clusters]
  • Summon - Recharge 2 [lv 7][10 Soul Clusters]
  • Summon - Recharge 3 [lv 13][10 Soul Clusters]
  • Summons [lv 1][0 Soul Clusters]
  • Summons Element - Imp [lv 1][0 Soul Clusters]
  • Summons Element - Titan [lv 1][0 Soul Clusters]
  • Summons Element - Tower [lv 1][0 Soul Clusters]
  • Titan Summon - Endurance [lv 5][10 Soul Clusters]
  • Titan Summon - Endurance 2 [lv 10][10 Soul Clusters]
  • Titan Summon - Endurance 3 [lv 16][10 Soul Clusters]
  • Titan Summon - Mobility [lv 6][10 Soul Clusters]
  • Titan Summon - Rage [lv 7][10 Soul Clusters]
  • Tower Summon - Area [lv 4][10 Soul Clusters]
  • Tower Summon - Area 2 [lv 7][10 Soul Clusters]
  • Tower Summon - Area 3 [lv 14][10 Soul Clusters]
  • Tower Summon - Barrage [lv 19][10 Soul Clusters]
  • Tower Summon - Endurance [lv 10][10 Soul Clusters]
  • Tower Summon - Missiles [lv 6][15 Soul Clusters]



  • Force Stomp - Damage 1 [lv 3][10 Soul Clusters]
  • Force Stomp - Damage 2 [lv 7][10 Soul Clusters]
  • Force Stomp - Damage 3 [lv 15][10 Soul Clusters]
  • force Stomp - Heavy Blast [lv 6][10 Soul Clusters]
  • Force Stomp - Maximum Blast [lv 17][15 Soul Clusters]
  • Force Stomp - Push [lv 8][10 Soul Clusters]
  • Holy Stomp - Damage 1 [lv 5][10 Soul Clusters]
  • Holy Stomp - Damage 2 [lv 9][10 Soul Clusters]
  • Holy Stomp - Damage 3 [lv 16][10 Soul Clusters]
  • Holy Stomp - Exorcism [lv 4][15 Soul Clusters]
  • Holy Stomp - Flash [lv 3][10 Soul Clusters]
  • Stomp [lv 1][0 Soul Clusters]
  • Stomp - Distance [lv 3][10 Soul Clusters]
  • Stomp - Distance 2 [lv 7][10 Soul Clusters]
  • Stomp - Distance 3 [lv 12][10 Soul Clusters]
  • Stomp - Recharge [lv 2][10 Soul Clusters]
  • Stomp - Recharge 2 [lv 8][10 Soul Clusters]
  • Stomp - Recharge 3 [lv 14][10 Soul Clusters]
  • Stomp Element - Force [lv 1][0 Soul Clusters]
  • Stomp Element - Holy [lv 1][0 Soul Clusters]
  • Stomp Element - Vacuum [lv 1][0 Soul Clusters]
  • Vacuum Stomp - Collect [lv 14][10 Soul Clusters]
  • Vacuum Stomp - Damage 1 [lv 4][10 Soul Clusters]
  • Vacuum Stomp - Damage 2 [lv 8][10 Soul Clusters]
  • Vacuum Stomp - Damage 3 [lv 12][10 Soul Clusters]
  • Vacuum Stomp - Heavy Pull [lv 6][10 Soul Clusters]
  • Vacuum Stomp - Maximum Pull [lv 11][15 Soul Clusters]

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  • Aura [lv 1][0 Soul Clusters]
  • Aura - Duration [lv 16][10 Soul Clusters]
  • Aura - Speed Demon [lv 18][15 Soul Clusters]
  • Aura Element - Coldfire [lv 1][0 Soul Clusters]
  • Aura Element - Vamp [lv 1][0 Soul Clusters]
  • Aura Element - Worship [lv 1][0 Soul Clusters]
  • Aura - Area [lv 4][10 Soul Clusters]
  • Aura - Area 2 [lv 8][10 Soul Clusters]
  • Aura - Area 3 [lv 15][10 Soul Clusters]
  • Aura - Recharge [lv 2][10 Soul Clusters]
  • Aura - Recharge 2 [lv 6][10 Soul Clusters]
  • Aura - Recharge 3 [lv 10][10 Soul Clusters]
  • Coldfire Aura - Blessed Rounds [lv 7][10 Soul Clusters]
  • Coldfire Aura - Fire & Ice [lv 12][15 Soul Clusters]
  • Coldfire Aura - Soothe [lv 2][5 Soul Clusters]
  • Vamp Aura - Amped [lv 4][10 Soul Clusters]
  • Vamp Aura - Amped 2 [lv 9][10 Soul Clusters]
  • Vamp Aura - Amped 3 [lv 13][10 Soul Clusters]
  • Vamp Aura - Consume [lv 6][15 Soul Clusters]
  • Vamp Aura - Sacrifice [lv 15][10 Soul Clusters]
  • Worship Aura - Damage Boost [lv 5][10 Soul Clusters]
  • Worship Aura - Damage Boost 2 [lv 10][10 Soul Clusters]
  • Worship Aura - Longevity [lv 12][10 Soul Clusters]
  • Worship Aura - Presence [lv 6][10 Soul Clusters]
  • Worship Aura - Regen [lv 3][10 Soul Clusters]


http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3209/97208-lo.jpg Fly, You Fools 50:gsicon:

Fly for 250,000 meters


Flying in the primary mode of transport in this game. This should come naturally just trying to get from place to place to do everything else. In order to fly press :abut: to jump (or any other manner of getting airborne) and hold :lbbut: to release your wings/take flight.


http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3209/97209-lo.jpg Footprints in the Sand 10:gsicon:

Kill 150 Demons with the Stomp Supernatural Power


See Plague of Gat for detail on grinding this achievement.


Hit :dright: once to select stomp as your active power. This power effects a radius around you.. This is good for wiping out groups of enemies all at once and getting rid of those pesky imps that keep attaching to you.


http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3209/97210-lo.jpg Get Stoned 10:gsicon:

Stonify and Shatter Kill 100 Demons with the Stone Blast Supernatural Power


See Plague of Gat for detail on grinding this achievement.


Hit :dleft: once to select stone blast. Aim then fire with :rbbut: any target you hit directly will be stonified and some surrounding enemies will also be stonified. If they were flying they will crash to the ground and shatter. This counts. If they were on land you will need to combo another ability or weapon in order to shatter them. You can shoot them, use stomp, run into them, melee them etc.. and they will shatter.


http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3209/97211-lo.jpg Gnarly Wave 10:gsicon:

Car surf on a Comet while it explodes


Remember that dinky car you needed to drive into the Ultor lobby? You are gonna need to get on top of one that is not on fire and initiate car surfing by pressing :ybut: and then move the :ls: side to side to stay on long enough for the car to initiate balls of fire and explode.


This car:




http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3209/97212-lo.jpg Hazardous Dukes 20:gsicon:

Kill 25 Arch Dukes


Arch Dukes appear in 2 ways. At Marshalling Grounds and when you reach notoriety level 6 (most of the time). Kill 25 of them any way possible.


http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3209/97213-lo.jpg H-E... 20:gsicon:

Complete all open world gameplay in two districts of the city of New Hades


See ...Double-Hockey-Sticks for more info on this achievement. Just complete all the activities in two areas to unlock this one.


http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3209/97214-lo.jpg Hell Buoy 10:gsicon:

Have five Imps attached to you at one time


You can get this during the stomp tutorial when Shakespeare summons the first round of imps. Let a group of them attach to you and hit :rbbut: to use stomp and kill them.


http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3209/97215-lo.jpg Imp-fanticide 10:gsicon:

Kill 50 of your own summoned Imps


You get the Imps Summon ability from rallying Blackbeard. Once you have the ability go to your arcane powers, select summon then upgrades and buy the [imp Summon -

Denonate] upgrade for 15 Soul Clusters. You have to be level 7 to buy this upgrade. Once you have done that select Imp Summon as your active power but tapping :up dpad: once. Then summon a few by pressing :rbbut: and then press :ybut: to detonate them. Repeat until you have blown up 50.


http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3209/97216-lo.jpg Let's Bounce 10:gsicon:

In Torment Fraud, hit 5 vehicles in a row without touching the ground


So this achievement has elements of pure luck and skill. I would do this at the medium Torment Fraud in Shantytown and then run up to the highway and hope for the best with cars driving somewhat close together. The other option is to try and bunch up the cars at the entrance/exit ramps and hope they don't blow up. Either explosions are your biggest enemy here, because they will send you flying, light you on fire, and destroy other cars.


Another suggestion is to use the latter method at the easy torment fraud because more vehicles spawn there.


http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3209/97217-lo.jpg Level One Demon 10:gsicon:

Buy your first Upgrade from the Upgrade Store


After Dane gives you the Halo, there will be a short tutorial on collecting soul clusters and purchasing power upgrades. The achievement will unlock after you have purchased the upgrades and backed out of the menus and are back in the game.


http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3209/97218-lo.jpg Nailed It 10:gsicon:

Get 100 kills with the God's Hammer


See Plague of Gat for details on grinding this achievement.


You receive God's Hammer when rallying Blackbeard. Don't go out of your way to get kills with it just yet. Instead go to a Sinterpol Armory (Weapon Store) and buy the smite upgrade for 20,000. This way you are working towards the associated challenge and not doing some unneeded extra grinding.


http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3209/97219-lo.jpg Out of the Frying Pan 10:gsicon:

Knock a vehicle into the lava


You might get this by accident just running around doing stuff. If you don't just get any vehicle and take to a cliff and kick it off the ride by clicking the :rs:


http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3209/97220-lo.jpg Oxymoronic 10:gsicon:

Kill 100 Demons using the Coldfire Aura Supernatural Power


See Plague of Gat for detail on grinding this achievement.


To make this as painless as possible you should get a handful of upgrades on this ability. [Area 3] for a combined cost of 30 Souls and need to be level 15. [Recharge 3 ]for a combined cost 30 souls and need to be level 10. Finally [Fire and Ice] for 15 souls as this will freeze the afflicted. Duration would also be beneficial which costs 10 souls.


http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3209/97221-lo.jpg Plague of Gat 20:gsicon:

Kill 1000 Demons with any combination of Supernatural Powers


Using ANY combination of powers. So you can combine effects i.e. petrify enemies and them smash them with stomp. You can also just kill enemies with a singular power. You will get this achievement grinding out challenges.


This method comes from forum member osakamitsu

In the bottom left part of the map there is a building that is guarded by demons. There is a vertical street that divides Azazels Court and Seers Tongue, that is where this building is. Go to this building and start building notoriety, this building has fast and infinite respawns. For the sake of quickness and spawn rates, makes sure not to kill the demons that float around in a bubble. They summon more enemies. You can farm all kill types for all achievements and challenges this way.




http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3209/97222-lo.jpg Purple Demons 10:gsicon:

Have minions kill 100 Demons with the Summon Supernatural Power


See Plague of Gat for detail on grinding this achievement.


This can be any combination of Titan, Imps, and Tower kills. You will get this easily on the way to completing all the challenges. To have a summon ability active tap :dup:, continue to tap until you have the summon you want and then press :rbbut: to summon them. You need to let them run around mid battle and be a little patient with it, especially with the imps. They seem to be extremely bad at picking a good target.


http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3209/97223-lo.jpg Put Up Your Dukes 20:gsicon:

Kill an Arch Duke with a melee attack


Arch Dukes spawn at Marshalling grounds after you have taken control of the different points in it. You can weaken him with guns, just makes sure the killing blow is melee. Melee is a click of the :rs:

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http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3209/97224-lo.jpg Raise the Roof 10:gsicon:

Smack into the ceiling 10 times while wall running


This requires the upgrade [sprint - Wall Running] which costs 10 soul clusters. Go inside a building or underneath a building with an awning you can't run over and just run up hit your head, drop down, and repeat. I actually got this on accident running around during a fight, so it is perfectly possible you won't need to purposely grind this one out.


http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3209/97225-lo.jpg Saints' Creed 10:gsicon:

Stand on the tallest mast of the 'Queen Anne's Revenge'


The Queen Anne's Revenge is blackbeard's ship. Which is nestled in the far bottom right area of the map. Ideally you will want to have the [Hover] ability which costs 10 soul clusters in order help you land on that very small point.






http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3209/97226-lo.jpg Satan Punchers 50:gsicon:

Beat the game


You can do this once the Crash the Wedding event shows up on your map. This happens when you piss Satan off enough, you will get a cutscene and then the event will show up on your map. Go there and start the fight. This fight goes in waves of you weakening Satan, you getting pushed around, he goes back to his throne, summons minion, kill minions, and he comes back for more. Wash rinse repeat a few times until a prompt appears above his head. Hit the prompt to end the fight. After some cutscenes and a choice this achievement will unlock. If you also completed all activities and diversions you will get ...Double Hockey Sticks.


http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3209/97227-lo.jpg Seraphim and Cherubim 20:gsicon:

Play for at least 2 hours as Gat and 2 hours as Kinzie


At any point in the game you can switch between playing Gat and Kinzie by going to the Ultor building and pressing :ybut:


http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3209/97228-lo.jpg Shooting Star 10:gsicon:

Fly for 500 meters while on fire


You see those strands of lava pouring down randomly through out Hell? Fly through them and you will be set on fire. After a time the flames will be put out. Keep flying through the lava streams until the achievement unlocks. Also unless you like the blood curdling screams; I would do this with Gat. Kinzie's scream is pretty morbid.


http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3209/97229-lo.jpg Shut Your Eyes 10:gsicon:

Get 250 kills with the Essence of Wrath


See Plague of Gat for details on grinding this achievement.


To get the Essence of Wrath you must kill Genki. Genki spawns randomly in place of an Arch-duke when you reach level 6 notoriety. He actually has more health than an Arch-Duke and is much more agile. He still goes down pretty fast if you have upgraded weapons though.


http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3209/97230-lo.jpg Sloth Love Chunk 10:gsicon:

Get 250 kills with the Essence of Sloth


See Plague of Gat for details on grinding this achievement.


The Essence of Sloth is earned through a quest called Take A Break. Nothing special, just once this quest pops up you can go pick up one the best weapons ever conceived.


http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3209/97231-lo.jpg Soft Shoe 10:gsicon:

Stay in contact with the lava for 10 seconds without dying


You will likely get this along side Extra Crispy as you can naturally stand in lava for about 10 seconds. If forever whatever reason you don't, buy a health upgrade for $2,000 and you will definitely be able to last 10 seconds.


http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3209/97232-lo.jpg Soul Drain 20:gsicon:

Find 100% of all Soul Clusters


Wait until you're level 15 to do this or any other collectible achievement or challenge. Since once you hit level 15 you will gain access to an in-game collectible map which costs $10,000.


There is one soul cluster that doesn't always appear properly. It's under the southern bridge between the Forge and Downtown. It's right around here somewhere:





http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3209/97233-lo.jpg Soul in One 20:gsicon:

Find 100 Soul Clusters


This will come pretty easily just with the general need to upgrade your abilities. It will come super quickly as they are littered everywhere.


See Soul Drain for more detail.


http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3209/97234-lo.jpg Terminal Hog 10:gsicon:

Take down an Extraction Facility while on a motorcycle


While this is easier in co-op it is also perfectly doable alone. First get a motorcyle and ride it to an Extraction facility. Now get off and clear some room so that it doesn't get blown up in the chaos. Now ride it to the point in which you cleared some room and leave it there. Now clear and a claim the other 2 points in the facility. Now go back to the point in which you left the motorcycle and kill the enemies that linger without blowing the bike. Get on the bike so the meter fills up to full while you are on the bike.You might have to do some back and forth, but that is the gist of how to do this achievement solo. It is significantly easier to the point of being trivial in co-op

since you can split the effort of keeping enemies off the capture points and can be on different points at the same time.



http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3209/97235-lo.jpg The Book of More, Man 50:gsicon:

Find 64 Tomes


Tomes are collectibles along with the soul clusters. There are 5 tomes each for Dane, The Dewynter Twins, Blackbeard, and Vlad. Then Satan has 39 tomes. I would wait on collecting these until you are level 15 and can buy the Collectible finder ability, that way you can just just set a way point on each collectible. Tomes look like this in game:




http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3209/97236-lo.jpg The Devil's Dues 20:gsicon:

Upgrade one weapon to the max

Each upgrade goes 100, 6250, 7500, 8750, 10000. With ultimate being 20k.


The cheapest wespons to full upgrade are the melee weapons such as God's Hammer or the Omega Omega Omega. As they only need 1 set of 5 upgrades, and the ultimate upgrade. As opposed to guns need several sets of 5 and an ultimate upgrade.


http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3209/97237-lo.jpg The King of Hell 50:gsicon:

Complete ALL of the Challenges


There are challenges for every activity and diversion in the game. As well as each weapon having a challenge, each power, and killing certain kinds of enemies an arbitrary number of times. Not all of the challenges are available right away, you will need to obtain the related item for it's specific challenge to show up. There are 102 challenges in the game to complete.


Challenge Milestone Challenges:

These are challenges for completing a certain number of challenges. There are challenges for completing 1, 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, and 101 challenges. You will complete these as you complete everything else.


Weapon/Power Kills:

As outlined in the Plague of Gat achievement. In the bottom left part of the map there is a building that is guarded by demons. There is a vertical street that divides Azazels Court and Seers Tongue, that is where this building is. Go to this building and start building notoriety, this building has fast and infinite respawns. For the sake of quickness and spawn rates, makes sure not to kill the demons that float around in a bubble. They summon more enemies. You can farm all kill types for all achievements and challenges this way.


Enemy kills:

This is a little different than straight up grinding weapon/power kills. For certain types of demons you have to go to certain districts, and for others you need a certain notoriety level.


Legionnaires spawn on notoriety bar 4/5. Once you are on the appropriate notoriety level, run around a little bit, and the Legionnaires will eventually come to you. Usually in ones or twos. 2 also spawn with every 7th Dex that spawns.


Tragedy Demons only spawn in the top right area, the Den, so if you need Tragedy demons head there and start getting your notoriety up. The Tragedy Demons have Theater Mask faces. In the same vein Bro Demons only spawn in Shanty town and dress in varying colored polos with shorts. These guys usually show up in Monster Trucks.


Tanks spawn at higher notoriety levels. Grenadiers and Enchanters spawn as your notoriety goes up. Arch-dukes spawn at Marshalling grounds when you're trying to take them over and most of the time when you reach notoriety level 6. The other times Genki will spawn and it is a challenges to kill him as well. He also gives you the Wrath Seven Deadly Sins weapon when you kill him.

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You will need to drive a comet around while Balls of Fire is initiated for a certain amount of time. If you hit something while BoF is activated the comet will automatically blow up. So you will need to weave through traffic to get a good run. These spawn everywhere. I would recommend snitching one on the highway and trying to drive it on there. There is also a parking lot near Snowball's Chance Casino that spawns one.


Near here: http://i.imgur.com/OfwA8As.png


In the same parking lot is a Rambulance, get in and start the associated diversion. Then just start running over Husks. You will now need to steal a Monster Truck, these start spawning by the numbers when you have notoriety. Once you have it start the diversion and start running over other vehicles. Be mindful of doing this on bridges or near edges as you might lose control while running over vehicles. You will also need to steal sinterpol armored vehicles. To do this you must damage but not destroy the vehicles and then hop in first chance. You will then need to deliver it to a designated waypoint/location.


Barnstorming is when you fly through gaps in buidlings, arches, and inbetween certain buildings. You will get a good number of these doing the Hell Blazing activities as well as flying around Downtown/Shantytown. Everything else can be covered by saying just do your Pledge Rushes, kill the spires, survive the survivals, and complete the altars.



So we have 4 kinds collectibles here, Soul Clusters (for upgrades), Tomes (for character commentary), Glyphs (to get the Boom Chicka), and Commentary on hell (From Gat and Kinzie). Aside from what you need/want for soul clusters for the sake of upgrading I would not go out of your way to get collectibles until you have the Collectibles finder which you can buy when you reach level 15. This allows you to see almost exactly where every collectible is and enables you to set custom waypoints on them. Also for soul clusters remember to buy the ones from the upgrades menu or you will come up short.



There are 3 activities, Hell Blazing, Salvation and Torment fraud. Each one is unique in it's requirements and playstyles. Firstly Hellblazing is racing activity. You are flying around hitting checkpoints (can't skip any) and trying to finish as fast as possible. Then there is Salvation, in which you're attempting to catch souls/husks before falling to hell or ascending to heaven. This is more free flight instead of a chosen path. If you're struggling with either of these upgrade your flying abilities so you can stay airborne longer and get more flaps. Also upgrading your stamina will also help.


Lastly there is Torment Fraud, this is the hell version of insurance fraud. You run around as a husk of a person that the Saints knew on earth trying to shave off time in hell by getting yourself hurt by throwing yourself in front of cars, broadsiding buildings and slamming into the ground. Once you get some momentum the gold requirements for this are very simple. The real trouble comes from the Lets Bounce achievement not the gold requirements.



There are challenges for clearing out each district which will come with clearing out the other challenges. You will also need to drive any vehicle around for a little bit. The kicker is fully upgrading all 20 weapons which costs $2,216,000. So depending on how many upgrades you bought might need to grind out some money like I did. So try to only buy the minimal amount you absolutely need to get through the game.

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http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3209/97238-lo.jpg The Seven Deadly Weapons 50:gsicon:

Kill 25 Demons with each of the Seven Deadly Weapons


See Plague of Gat for kill grinding information. Here is how to obtain each of the weapons:

  • Boom Chicka - Lust
    Collect all Glyphs and open all chest.
  • Diamond Sting - Greed
    Buy it from the Sinterpol Armory vending machine.
  • Last Supper - Gluttony
    Visit all 3 Taco Malos locations and talk to Dane there.
  • Ark of the Covenant - Wrath
    Defeat Genki who randomly spawns at notoriety level 6 instead of an Arch-duke.
  • Gallows Dodger - Pride
    Kill Dex 7 Times.
  • Uriel's Edge - Envy
    Clear all Marshalling Grounds and fast travel to the special/hidden fast travel point that shows up.
  • Armchair-a-geddon - Sloth
    There is a quest fairly early in the game to go pick this up.


http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3209/97239-lo.jpg The Wings of Angels 10:gsicon:

Be airborne during Supernatural Jumps or Flight for a combined 10 minutes of gameplay


This will come overtime of finishing everything else.

Jump is http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/site/icons/xb1/button-a.png, you can hold and release for bigger jump.

Hold http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/site/icons/xb1/lb.png to pull out the wings and fly.



http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3209/97240-lo.jpg Top Gunner 10:gsicon:

Shoot down a Spire missile with a blast while hovering


You will need the Flight - Hover ability which costs 10 soul clusters. Get close enough to spire for it to shoot at you and then hit and hold http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/site/icons/xb1/lt.png to hover. Aim at the missile and a shoot http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/site/icons/xb1/rb.pnga blast power at it. For the sake of ease wait til it's trajectory changes to coming straight at you instead of shooting while it's coming up.


You can also do this with one of your own summoned spires. It won't shoot at you so you will need to get your notoriety up so that it starts shooting at the enemies.



http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3209/97241-lo.jpg Transcontinental 10:gsicon:

Fly continuously for 60 seconds


You will likely get this doing the Hard Hell Blazing activities, but you can also get it in free flight once you have bought enough flight upgrades and stamina upgrades.


http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3209/97242-lo.jpg Twenty-Twenty Vision 20:gsicon:

Spend over 20 hours in Hell


Between the activities, missions, and challenges you should be really close to 20 hours. If not you can just leave the game idle with your controller plugged in to wrack up hours.

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This Achievement Guide and Roadmap has been reviewed by Guide Team Staff member Andrew x360a / THE DEADLY DOG and has been published as the Official XboxAchievements.com Achievement Guide and Roadmap! The link to the Official Guide is here:


Official XboxAchievements.com Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell Achievement Guide and Roadmap


Please post any updates within the Update: Guides & Roadmaps thread.

Also, please check the Award Tracking: Guides & Roadmaps forum to make sure we are up to date.

You may request for those to be edited/updated within that forum as well.


We look forward to your future submissions!

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