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i give up on Deer Boss


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when i got the game i was far from impressed. i played it regardless and after finally beating it i was ticked to find 3 broken achievements.

i wait weeks for a fix and then i got 2 of them. fine. just the bosses now.

supposedly the boss glitch was patched. in my games it wasn't. so fine i'll start a new game save (AGAIN!!!) and see what happens.

kill the snake, kill the turtle, kill the beaver, kill the eagle, kill the beaver again, kill the snake again, kill the beaver again, kill the beaver again, kill the snake etc etc until i FINALLY find the toad.

kill it and guess what? frickin' nothing.

this is bullshit. i started a new save, i killed everything, i sacrificed three or four lives on the beaver alone JUST to make sure he didnt impale himself like a fucking lemming and all i got was a big "Buck You" from the game.

i'm so done. forget this game. i can't handle anymore sensory deprivation from it. the randomized locations make it more tedious than it has to be and it is just pathetic as a game.

maybe it's because i used Hail to kill the eagle and turtle instead of my own four hooves but if the game is that goddamn sensitive to HOW they die it should fuckin' say so in the achievement description.

so yeah, had to get that off my chest

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yeah i am having problems finding the snake and toad on the one save where i have all the powers to beat the snake and toad but when i start a new one i find them no problem but i am to weak to fight them,


and i can not get the goody two shoes achievement either. the game is pretty cool, but the achievements suck lol

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