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VOTE To Allow Gamer Pictures to be Unlocked Upon 100%'ing a Game


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Hey, gamers.


I'm not going to pretend to pitch this as my original idea, because it's not. But I came across it and want to increase its exposure.


Over the years I've seen suggestions to get some sort of trophy (much like a platinum trophy on PS) for 100% completing all the achievements for a game. How about some sort of gamerpic related to the game as a reward?


My initial idea was to create some sort of system where Gamerpics were sought after and people would want to collect as many as possible (The post the other day about gamerpics looking like POGS prompted this idea). By having them as a reward for 100% completing all the achievements in a game, it would give incentive to more people to go after achievements, while giving those that already do an extra little bonus. Some gamerpics would be rarer than others and also give a way to immediately showoff your most prized completion.


I understand that this would be an option the dev/publisher would have to take advantage of and therefore not every game would have a gamerpic to offer.


There is already movement for this on the Feedback side of Xbox, with the description of:


Developers should be allowed to include custom gamer pictures as rewards for unlocking achievements in their games.


Much like unlocking avatar awards, we should be able to use unlocked gamer pics over the default ones included in the Xbox One.


Since we are unable to buy gamer pictures like on the Xbox 360, it would add more personalization and replayability for games which would allow gamers to strive to unlock certain gamer pictures that we can use to show off to our friends.


If you like this idea and support it, please VOTE HERE.

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I'm for it, but would rather it be a selection of gamerpics rather than just one. I say this because I may complete a game I love and want to show off that fact by using the gamerpic, but if I don't like the look of it then I can't use it. If there were 3 or 4 to choose from I think it would be better

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you can count me in. the selection we have now is so limited and crap. i can see maybe 4-5 that i like tops most of which are the halo ones which a ton of people are using because most of them look like kid drawings lol.


this would be great to have gamer pics you could show off. i remember the gamer pic for beating ninja gaiden 2 on master ninja, that was my gamer pic for a long time lol.




turns out i already had a vote in this lol

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