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Sky high achievemnt help


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You can trick it. I did it. Exhibition, no bots, unlimited time, unlimited goals, gravity set to low, and Im pretty sure I used the gigantic ball. Now hit the ball into the air until it says "aerial". May need to run the ball up the walls and or double jump and boost. Not easy to do. Seems a bit glitchy. Now as soon as you get "aerial", pause the game, switch teams, then use the opposite team to score against itself so that it counts for the team you got the aerial bonus on.


BOOM. Done.


Not my method. I learned this from the sister playstation site.

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This seems to be bugged for me. I have been in exhibition doing 1v1 and have scored multiple goals that have the tag "aerial hit" and "aerial goal" yet no achievement. I'll keep trying


Update: Unlocked for me after trying yesterday morning. Must have been an Xbox Live issue or something as I was having issues with multiple unlocks

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This one is driving my nuts. Ive tried many different ways, and I cant even get the game to trigger an Aerial Hit. Ive tried with Low Grav, and have hit it from its highest point, and cant even get an Aerial Hit to pop up lol. I guess this will just be one of those that will just pop when it pops.

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I couldn't actually ever get this one in a normal match. I somehow unlocked it in the Snow Day gametype with the puck.


I followed the puck all the way up the wall and hit it when I was near the ceiling and the puck ended up going in and it counted for me.

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