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This will honestly come faster just by playing through the missions.


Side Missions too. More to the right of the map pay off big and clearing all side missions nets you some fancy blueprints ;)



Also, please send a msg if requesting friends on xbl. Running with a few groups and can't tell if people from here or just randoms.

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i would like to join up with some 18+ cool UK/EU people that would like to save the world together and bring civilization back to New York City.


Mainly looking for a dark ops team who would like to go in together as think that would be very fun! :)


gamertag = timmsy


just add me up and send me a message anytime you want to play

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united We Stand 40

At lvl 30 start and complete a Co-op Mission without anyone being Downed or Dying.


Once you unlock "On the Level" you can simply get in a group of two or more and replay an earlier mission. You can play it on Normal difficulty, so you should be much stronger than necessary if you choose an early mission. Just take your time and use cover as much as possible, staying close together to be able to share heals.



p.s i have a mic and i am in UK


my GT XSniperNinjaX

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