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I'm looking for team mates to help run around the Dark Zone with me to let me kill 20 Named enemies.

Obviously I'll help oit and switch around so the others player can do it also.

I've yet to kill one but I was going to risk playing by myself tonight to the closest location and rinse and repeat it.


My gamer tag is Domine, UK and have a mic.

I'd like to team up as it'll make the DZ a lot more enjoyable.

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Anyone wanting to boost the I am the LAW achievement please message me, in all the hours I've spent in the dark zone I've only managed 4 rogue kills....... and that was in the early days of release when people didn't realize going rogue was utterly pointless.


I very very rarely see rogues pop up on the map anymore when they do I'm usually too far away.


Anyway GT is chrislocalboy



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Looking for someone to run the Dark Zone with to work on:


-10 Named Enemy kills (I have seven at the moment)

-Extract an item on all eight Extraction Zones (I have done four at the moment)


Tried running solo, and it is a pain in the butt.


Shoot me a message over Xbox Live.


GT: DarKnight80

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Looking for one possibly two other people to work on the DZ achievements tonight (about 5 hrs from now). Plus, need to complete the hard mission difficulty achievements. Will have a buddy or two playing, but looking for a couple more gamers to work on this with.


GT: IKi11DuAgain

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